Friday, April 11, 2014

A Caboose

I had a busy day full of meetings, school, studying, and the like. I have my fourth test in chem tomorrow and I attended four parent teacher conferences. All four kids received straight A's and raving reviews from their teachers, so I am one proud mom. 

The kids don't have school tomorrow so they aren't home at the moment. The girls were invited to some friends house for a late night and the boys are in the circle playing night games with their friends. Andy met with his study group tonight and then came home to change and go to work. It was just me and Magnus most of the evening. W played and read books and wrestled. We jumped on my bed and then I got him ready for bed. As I sat him up on the counter in the bathroom to brush his teeth it struck me that this was one of those moments that I will always remember and cherish about my little caboose. It is strange to have my kids growing up and out late with friends. I know my kids are still young, but it has already started. They don't wan to be at home as much and they want to be playing and having fun with friends. Magnus is too little to do any of those things yet so he is usually stuck at home with myself or Andy. We love it. It is so much fun to get to know his little personality without him being in the shadow of his older siblings. He is such a dear sweet little boy and I absolutely adore him. I probably think to myself about 100 times a day how cute he is. 

So while the other kids are off playing I'll keep this one to myself for a few years longer until he is ready to spread his little wings and fly along with his brothers and sisters to never ending nights of adventures with friends. 

Sleep well little one...

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