Sunday, April 27, 2014

Baron is SIX!

 Happy Happy Birthday Baron Dear! Happy days will come to you all year! If I had a wish then it would be, a happy happy birthday to you from me!

Yes, Baron turned 6 years old. He was a little baby when I started this blog, so he has pretty much grown up on here. It is crazy to me that he is 6 and will be starting first grade in just a few months!

His birthday was a couple weeks ago on a Sunday. He requested crepes, sausage, and berries for breakfast. I also got some nutella and whipped cream to add to our crepes. It was soooo good.

As always, I let him open one gift in the morning.

It was a Pokemon book that he had been wanting for awhile. He had checked it out a lot at the library, so I figured he just needed his own. He loves all things Pokemon. In fact, he is having a Pokemon birthday party (not until I am out of school in May, hopefully he's not too sad about that!)

I am drooling looking at this photo.

After we went to church we came home and ate Baron's dinner of choice: Chicken roll-ups with gravy, pineapple and oranges, carrots and broccoli, and lemonade. He has had that same birthday dinner for the last few years. I am not a fan, but he loves it so that's what matters I suppose!

After dinner and a super fast clean-up we had grandparents over for cake and ice-cream. And of course, presents.
 I do not know what is up with all of these weird, shiny pictures. I guess it was a combination of the evening light and the shiny wrapping paper, but they are all kind of reflective!

Best brothers
 Bear only asked for a few things. He got some beyblades, pokemon cards, a Plants Vs. Zombies t-shirt, and another thing that I can't remember and it's driving me a little crazy.

His big gift was a DS. He was soooo excited and a little shocked because I told him there was no way I would get him one for his birthday. But, I love surprises, so I did. This photo was taken after the video I took of him ripping off the wrapping paper and he was just super anxious to open up the box and make sure a DS really was in there!

He got lots of money from great grandmas and aunts and uncles. He got a giant I Spy book  from G and G Collette.

And he got some games for his DS from Papa Bry and Grandma Claudia (who was out of town for the occasion, but she called and was there for a minute on the phone :)

We sang a little Happy Birthday and ate delicious marshmallow fudge brownies instead of cake and cookies and cream ice cream.


Oh, how I love this sweet boy.

The next day Baron's birthday was celebrated at school and he took donuts to school for his birthday treat. He got a birthday crown and his teacher gave him a darling birthday book that all of the kids in his class had contributed to.

And now, Bear at Six!
Wow, what can I say about Bear? I feel like even though he is a huge whiner (and he has gotten so much better) he is very mature for his age.  He kind of just takes things into his own hands and gets them done. I think he's a lot like Andy in that sense. If he wants a sandwich, he makes one. If he needs a drink of milk, he gets himself one. My other kids at this age would sit and whine and bug me until I did something like that for them, but he's been doing it himself for awhile now. He's very independent. In fact, Andy and I were just talking about how he has always been independent from a young age. He's never been needy or clingy. He always just does his thing. The whining thing that has gotten better is usually associated with me asking him to do chores or clean something up. And honestly, it really has gotten so much better. He must be growing up!

Baron loves school. He is really good at math and spelling. His reading needs some work. I think it's more of a confidence issue because if he's really concentrating he does just great. But if someone around him is better or faster he struggles. He tested for the gifted program that both Jonah and Daphne are in and he got in as well. So he will have Daphne's teacher next year which I am thrilled about. I love Mrs. Hall. Baron enjoys school and always does his homework right when he gets home. He rarely ever complains about it and likes the challenge activities his teacher sends home. He always wants to go the extra mile. He has terrific handwriting (better than Daphne's!) and I feel like he always does his best.

Baron is still my quiet shy guy. He has gotten to the point where it's not as big of a deal, but overall he is just quieter in big groups. If he knows everyone he is his happy goofy self, but if there are new people he is much less outgoing. He still loves to tease. He has such a silly sense of humor. I feel like that has come with the maturity thing. He has such a quick wit and makes jokes that sound like someone older should be making. He giggles at everything and has a hard time being serious when the need arises.

He is still a BIG boy. He is only 1 size smaller than Jonah. He wears a boys size 10 or a Large in boys. He wears a shoe size 3 (same as both Jonah and Daphne). I get asked if he and Daphne are twins because they are the exact same size (except he outweighs her) and sometimes we joke that the three of them are triplets. He loves food and eats everything I put in front of him. He is not one bit picky. His favorite foods are probably breakfast foods (eggs, pancakes, french toast, etc) and he also loves broccoli and carrots. He likes peanut butter sandwiches, string cheese, yogurt, and bananas. He loves oatmeal with raisins and asks for it almost every morning but usually gets out-voted. The kid loves food.

Baron still follows in his big brother's footsteps and loves anything that Jonah loves. Pokemon, any electronics (slight obsession there), Bey blades, soccer, Capture the Flag, football, board games.... as long as Jonah likes it, Baron likes it. They have such an awesome relationship and rarely ever fight. Sometimes I wonder if Baron would like different things if he didn't have a big brother. Interesting to think about.

He has been playing soccer this season and has improved so much. He actually gets excited to go and play. He also loves to ride his scooter, swim, jump on the tramp, and play with friends. He towers over his two best buddies, Easton and Ezra. It is so funny to see them all playing together.

 He is a happy boy and I love him so very much. Happy Birthday #6, my Bear.

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