Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

 We've been having us some fun with Spring Break here this week. Game nights, out for ice cream. swimming (in the indoor pool of course... because of all the dang SNOW!), movies, playing with friends, and the like. It has been a good week. Only a few more days left and then it's back to school.... but then!! Only a couple more months until school's out for the summer! Woohoo!

This semester has been killer on me. I don't know if it's the classes or just everything else going on, but I am getting burned out. Andy and I are both taking the summer semester off. Him because he is doing an EMT course this summer, and me because I am going to get my CNA and hopefully get a new job. We still have lots of changes coming our way, and I'm sure it will continue to be like that over the next few years as we are doing school and work and our kids continue to grow-up. 

It's a strange thing this new life we've been living for almost a year. One of the weirdest things to me is how old my kids are getting. They are literally growing up right before my very eyes. I was at Target earlier today and I walked past the baby section. I didn't have to stop for ANYTHING. I never go in that section anymore and it almost looked foreign. I used to practically live in that section! It was nostalgic and sweet as I remembered choosing out little tiny shoes for my babies and piling jars upon jars of baby food into my cart. I don't really miss those things about having babies, but I do miss my children being babies.

And then again at the pool tonight it was so strange to have my hands free. We started going to the Murray Rec pool when we moved to Taylorsville 8 years ago. I have always had a baby or little person to hold and take down the big slide. Not tonight. Magnus piggy-backed once in awhile, but he had a life jacket and swam and played on the steps and then he would go down that giant slide all by himself. Strange I tell you. Strange indeed. 

I'm not sure how all my talk of Spring Break went to babies, but I guess it's just Spring in general. New life, rebirth, and all that. It's a little symbolic and meaningful and I really love spring.

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Amber Kei said...

That's so funny...knowing that our family is complete really makes you look at life differently, too. How weird to never stop for baby things. :) I love watching all the pictures you take of your kids growing up!