Thursday, April 3, 2014

Short Hair, Don't Care

 Well hello there. It's been a day, but somehow I find myself refusing to go to bed, as I so often do. I don't know what my problem is, I don't understand how I can be both a night owl and an early bird. It defies the very laws of physics. And as my tutor always says, never defy the laws of physics.... okay, so that was a lame school joke. But still.

I've been wanting to do a post on short hair. I have had short hair for the majority of my adult life. There have been periods where I've rocked some long locks, but I always end up chopping them off in favor of shorter tresses, usually chin-length or above. I've had a pixie-cut before (senior year of high school!) and always got so many compliments on it. I told Andy that when I finally lost all my weight I wanted to try a pixie again because I feel like I just look better with shorter hair. And I also wanted to go dark because, go dramatic or go home I always say. He was all for it.

Anyway, I always get so many questions about my short hair. Like, is it easy to do? (sometimes) Is it so much faster? (not necessarily) Do I love it? (usually) Do I get bored with it because it's always the same? (absolutely not because it's not always the same!) People think that there are more options for style with longer hair, but I find that most people with long hair are always doing the same thing (a ponytail or down straight). I love short hair for various reasons, but I feel so much more chic and stylish when my hair is short. I like how dramatic it can look. And I have no issues feeling feminine with short hair either, which is another question I sometimes get.

Over the last couple months I have taken photos (usually at work because I tend to put more effort into my hairstyle on the days I work) to show how versatile short hair can be. It's fun! Also, check out my boring work attire. Black or white top with black bottoms. And then I found it funny that the one photo in here that isn't at work (it was a Sunday before church) I was still wearing black and white. Silly me.

 Don't laugh at my face. I actually took this photo on Valentine's Day to send to Andy which is the reason for the duck lips. Anyway, this is my classic go-to style. It has volume but is still sleek.

 This style is one of my favorites, but my hair has to be a little dirty so I don't have so much volume on the sides. The goal is smooth and sleek. It's a faux-hawk of sorts, but the front is just flipped to the back and pinned.

 Another favorite is piecey and sassy. I like to add a headband for added texture and dimension.

 Another smooth and sleek. Similar to the first without so much volume. 

 This one is almost identical to the last one but it looks different because I had just had it cut. It is a more polished look. I can't decide if I like it this way better or slightly tousled and messy like in the last pic.

 My hair was fairly dirty in this photo. I love it like that for the added texture. I just took a small piece of my bang and pinned it back and tousled the rest. I think I was a little too close to the lights... I kind of look sick in this photo, haha.

And last I have a recent experiment, curling my shorty hair. I curled it with a flat iron. I didn't want it too curly (like, ahem, grandma hair) so I just barely tweaked the ends and grabbed the bangs to pin them off to the side, just off center.

So, as you can see (through my highly narcissistic post) that short hair can be fun, flirty, stylish, sleek, dramatic, and cute. If you're thinking about taking the plunge into shorter hair (especially this time of year... it's hot and it feels great to get that hair off your neck!) I highly recommend it. Just do it! 

It's only hair and it always grows back :)


Amber Kei said...

Who knew? I love it! However, that seems weird to get the questions about feeling are not the person I'd look at and think "oh, she's not very girly". I always have thought you'd beautiful. :)

Emily H said...

You look so adorable! I love it all!

Laney said...

I love short hair for all those reasons. Do you get the 'did you cry?!' question, too? I usually do and it always makes me laugh. This made me second guess growing out my hair. Ha ha

Jasmyn said...

I love #2--you totally rock that look! And I love that your best hairstyles are dirty...I need some of those...since washing my hair is so overrated. Love you guys!