Thursday, April 17, 2014

Life is Unfair

I know from very personal experiences that's true but sometimes it passes the realm of "fair" and goes into the realm of "horribly, devastatingly unfair". 

We found out today that a little boy in Laylah's grade passed away yesterday in a tragic swimming accident while on vacation with his family. She was very upset about it and I just cried at random times today, catching myself thinking about his mother. He was an only child. He was 11 years old. He had so much life left to live. Even though I'm a 31 year old woman, it is still so incredibly hard for my brain to wrap around the fact that one minute someone can be "here" and the next minute they can be "gone". I have always struggled with the concept of death. Even with my belief and knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ, it's hard for me to understand. Life can be so dang hard sometimes.

I just wanted to remember my feelings. I want to remember how grateful I am for the knowledge that families are forever. We will all be together again someday. I know that! And I am so thankful for my family. I'm so thankful for my children, my world. Even though life can be hard, it can be so incredibly beautiful. And I just needed to remind myself of that tonight.

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