Sunday, January 29, 2017

Andy's Motorcycle Accident

 On the Thursday, first of September, I had so many plans. It was the last day I would be home all day, my kids would all be in school, and I had several things on my to-do list to accomplish before starting my new job the next week. I started out the day kissing my husband goodbye as he headed off to work (on his motorcycle, as he did every day), got the kids ready and drove them to school, and then I headed to the gym. Halfway through my muscle blast class, my phone started ringing. I glanced over and saw that it was Andy and dismissed it immediately, thinking I'd call him back after my class. But then I really felt like I should answer it, so I did. 

He told me that there had been an accident, but he was okay. His motorcycle had been clipped by a car as it change lanes and he had gone down. The car, and the idiot driver inside, were oblivious to what they had done (or so I'd like to think-- I would hope that the woman inside would have stopped had she realized she hit him) and they had driven on their way. I was kind of freaking out, but he kept telling me he was fine and some very nice people had helped him. The accident had happened right by his work, so they had helped get him and his barely damaged bike back to the office. An ambulance had come and EMT's assessed him, but he had told them he was fine and that he would just call his wife.

I left class immediately and drove to his office. He was banged up, bloody, and his pants were completely torn down one side. We drove home and I think he was kind of in shock. As I assessed his injury's I decided we better take him in just to be safe. His wrist was killing him and I did not want to attempt to clean out all of his road rash wounds.

We were admitted into the ED and he was looked over by the doctor. He had several x-rays done and a nurse came and flushed all of his wounds and dressed them. We were there for several hours as they got him all fixed up. The x-rays showed that there were no fractures, just sprains. He was a very lucky boy.

A little bit after they finished x-raying him, his elbow blew up and was all squishy. He had a hematoma, and the doctor just said to ice it and it would go down.

Look at the difference between his elbows!

We are so blessed that Andy was okay. I am grateful he has a calm head in these situations. The guy driving behind him when the accident happened was an experienced motorcyclist and said that he has never seen anyone lay a bike down so smoothly to do minimum damage to the bike and the driver. i am so thankful for all of the many people who stopped and helped him. It was a scary day and I am so relieved it all worked out and Andy was okay.

Just a quick little testimony I wanted to share... When I was helping Andy remove his torn up clothing so he could change and I could take him to the ER,  We noticed that his pants were torn all the way up to the pocket. He had road rash all over his leg, until his garment line. His skin was completely in tact on his leg underneath his garments. Little miracles.

And as a side-note: On this exact same day two years ago (Sept 1, 2014) was when we found out Magnus' brain tumor was malignant and he was diagnosed with cancer. I guess it's not a lucky day for us. I will be very wary of Sept 1st in the future!

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