Monday, January 2, 2017

Jonah's 12th Birthday Party!

 We celebrated Jonah's birthday party with friends about a month after his actual birthday because he wanted to go to a Real Salt Lake Soccer game and the only one that wasn't on a Sunday was the week that school started. After he went through his friends who he wanted to invite, there were way too many to take to a soccer game ($$$), so we did the next best thing. We watched it at home on the TV all together! We did some other stuff, too, but let's go from the beginning...
Invites. Since we had cheeseburgers... haha

Jonah chose all of his favorite foods for dinner: McDonald's cheeseburgers, soda, chips, different chip dips, and apple slices (gotta have something healthy?! I don't think one boy even touched them, haha!). We had a donut cake consisting of maple, glazed, and chocolate donuts as well.

Once all the boys arrived, it was chaos as food was grabbed, thrown onto plates, and shoveled into mouths. 

Fun times downstairs watching the game! Some boys had to come late due to soccer practice (all of Jonah's friends play soccer. ALL OF THEM) so this wasn't everyone.

After the game was over we sang Happy Birthday and Jonah blew out his candles.

We headed over to the elementary school to play... what else?! Soccer! Some older boys joined in and they played for about an hour. It was dark by the time I called them back to the house.

When we got back Jonah opened presents from his friends.
 Bunches of boys!

 After that we played the Candy Bar game. It was absolutely hilarious. All the boys starting at Jonah and going clockwise are: Jonah, Joshua, Eli, Owen, Carson, Ethan, Baron, Ezra, and Bentley.

After the candy bar game finished I turned out all of the lights and lit one candle. I told the boys scary stories until their parents came to pick them up. I had offered to let Jonah have a slumber party, but he had a soccer game super early the next morning and he didn't want to be tired for his game (so responsible-- he cares more about soccer than pretty much anything else ;), so he opted for just a late party instead (and it was long! The party went from 5-10 PM). 

It was a super fun night celebrating Jonah. I love that he has such a great variety of boys that he plays with. They are all different ages and they all get along so well. They are such a great group of soccer loving boys. 

Happy birthday, again, Jonah!

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