Monday, January 2, 2017

Hi-dee Ho!

This is just a photo of me drinking an avocado smoothie. Have you tried one? You SHOULD! And here is my favorite place to get one, right HERE. You're welcome.

By the way, hi! I've just been blogging for the last 4 hours trying to catch up in this here space of mine. Don't worry, I only have 4 months of stuff to go! Ha! But summer is finally caught up.

And guess what? It's the first day of a new year.... fresh and clean! At least it was when I started blogging tonight. Now it's actually the second day. Oh well.  

Christmas was amazing. The New Year was fun. I've had a bit of drama this week in my life, but I won't share that here. It's a little personal. But the good news is, it's a new year and a fresh start! I have tomorrow off and I am going to get my house in ORDER!! HEAR THAT HOUSE?!? You will be put in order!

The kids have agreed to help me while Andy works (they need some extra help tomorrow and he gets holiday pay plus time and a half. Bonus!)

After that, we are going to go do something fun for FHE before we all go back to the daily grind and suffer through January (besides Daphne's birthday which we love).

I am excited for this year. Last year will be tough to beat. It was the best. But I am determined to make this year just as good! We already have so many things to look forward to. Trips always help me make it through. We have a cruise in April, and California in September. We have a few mini trips thrown in as well. I am going to start training for a marathon in a couple months. (Yes, I said MARATHON) It is bound to be a great year. 

Andy and I went through our budget today and figured out how we can payoff the remainder of our debt so that we can start saving for our very own house. My problem is patience. I want it NOW. That's how we seem to get into debt in the first place, but I am definitely working on that! I have gotten so much better, I promise... I really want my own house. So it'll be worth it!

Anyway, that's just my sleepy mind running a million miles a minute. I better go to bed. But happy new year!! I hope it's your best one yet.

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