Sunday, January 29, 2017

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month aka Go Gold in September!

 September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I took the opportunity to flood social media daily with Childhood Cancer Awareness Facts, posts, and information. Even though Magnus was diagnosed just 2 years ago, so much more awareness has been brought to light and I am doing my part to help. It is a very near and dear and important cause to me and I will do what I can in my small world to make a difference. 

There are so many foundations who also do their part and post daily. I love reading all of the things they post. Also, more sports teams and franchises are getting into it. It is terrific! Here are some of the many, many posts I made about Going Gold for Childhood Cancer. 

This is an incredible photo a friend took and as she described it, it was "raining gold". I thought it incredibly appropriate for September and found it to be a sweet tender mercy from my Heavenly Father.  

This showed up on my TimeHop app from Septemeber1st. Such a difficult and surreal day. My child has cancer. Nothing in the world can prepare you to hear those words.

My little fighter with a 7 inch scar and a brain drain.

 Gold toes, naturally!

This was pretty dang cool, one of those things that makes me so happy that more awareness is coming forth. Niagara Falls was turned gold in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

 Go Gold!

We LOVE soccer in our house and I was so incredibly psyched to see the MLS support Going Gold in September for Childhood Cancer Awareness. 

Gold sandals! YES! Go gold!

 We went to a Real Salt Lake game in September and Childhood Cancer Awareness Posts kept flashing across the big screen. Yes!

One of the moms in our local support group took it upon herself to make t-shirts in honor of the month. On the back is a list of the angels, fighters, and survivors who have been treated at Primary Children's Hospital. SO, so happy to see Magnus' name in the "survivors" column.

And lastly, there was a benefit gala in Vegas put on by the TRF (Tyler Robinson Foundation) which was started by one of my all-time favorite bands, Imagine Dragons. Oh, what I wouldn't give to have been able to attend! Tickets cost a ton, and I have no money to donate anyway, but I am doing my part where I can. Anyway, they had an auction and this print went up for sale. I LOVE IT. I want a copy so badly. It seriously speaks to my soul.
I actually have a friend from high school who is married to the brother of Tyler Robinson's brother, so they go to the gala every year and I was able to live vicariously through her as she posted videos and photos to social media from the event. SO cool. 

Anyway, another year of Childhood Cancer Awareness wrapped up and even though I especially focus on it in September, I talk about it often. We need a cure and our children are worth more than the 4% that the government allots for childhood cancer research. 

Go Gold in September!

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