Sunday, January 1, 2017

First Day of School!

  First day of schoooool!! Kids were up and excited and ready to go. Lunches and backpacks were packed early, I made an awesome breakfast (too bad I waited so long to blog about this, because now I don't remember what it was!) and everyone was ready in their new duds. They looked great!

I took Laylah first to jr high. She started 8th grade this year, has honors math and English and was ready to go. She looked darling. Jonah got to sleep in since he had started the Friday before, so he didn't have school on Monday (He also has honors math and English).

Daphne and Baron both headed back to McMillan, but both of them got new teachers this year. Baron got Daphne's old teacher, Mrs. VanBeekum for 3rd grade, and Daphne got Jonah's old teacher, Miss Peck for 5th grade.

Magnus started kindergarten but he tested into an all day program for kids who need a little extra help, so he goes to a different elementary school called Liberty. They are all in the same district which is nice, but their schedules are all a little different so it's a bit chaotic. I just have to do it for one year though, so there is an end in sight! Then we will move Mag over to McMillan with the other kiddos when he goes into first grade.

Anyway, look at my cute kids!

Ready for a new year of fun and friends and learning!

After dropping off the two middles we headed to Magnus' school. I was able to go in with him and see him get settled.
Oh my goodness, my heart was not ready for this! I held back tears the entire time I was in that school until I walked out and let them flow. It was so hard to leave my kindergarten baby all day long in a school where I knew no one. After a good cry on the way home I said a little prayer for each of my babies and felt peace in my heart that they would be just fine. It really is hard for me to let them go all day long, especially after such an amazing summer all together. It's craziness that my kids are growing up so fast.

Because Jonah was home for the day, I took him to lunch at Chick Fil A (his choice) and then we went and did a little shopping. It was so great to spend that one on one time together. I sure love this kid.

The next day, Tuesday, every single kid was in school ALL DAY LONG. It was super quiet and really bizarre and I remembered back to the day when I had 4 babies ages four and under and I thought that this day would never, ever come. And now it was here and it was just plain weird. I didn't have too long to sulk though. I had my own school work to do and I stayed busy for 2 weeks straight getting my house super deep cleaned and organized. It was so nice. And then I started a new full time job and "chaos" has been our family's middle name ever since!

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