Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And Then There Was The Day I Decided It Was Okay To Have Brown Hair...

Okay, so listen up. I used to think that I was a blonde and that was that. Like, forever and for always. I have had blonde hair my entire life except for about 6 months after I graduated highschool and I went super dark brown/red, and I liked it for about 2 days and then I hated it. I slowly went back to the blonde. I actually met Andy when I was still semi-dark/halfway back to blonde and he really liked my hair that color. But, I told him I was a blonde and I would never go dark again (he's always been attracted to girls with long, dark, wavy hair.... and I forgot to mention that at the time my hair was suuuuper short. How we ended up together is still a mystery :)

Que to last summer. Since moving to VA, I have hated my hair. The humidity kills me. My hair is frizzy and ugly and gross, and if I spend a half hour doing it, it is ugly again in about .5 seconds. The bleaching every couple months just wasn't doing anything for it. Not to mention that I still haven't found a stylist that I love here. And if I were to go to a high-end salon, it would run me about $300. Every 8 weeks. Not going to happen.

I finally talked myself into trying out the brown again. Believe me, I did not do this lightly. It took months of thinking about it and changing my mind back and forth about 50 times (rememebr me? Sarah Collette? The Girl Who Hates Change? Yeah, that's me :)

I finally decided on a color and did it myself last Friday night. Andy hasn't stopped telling me how much he loves it. I guess that's good.... excpet, what about while I was blonde the last 10 years? Haha, just kidding.

It's growing on me and I've stopped doing a double take every time I walk past a mirror. I don't know still. It's just so different. I've even had people tell me that I look like a totally different person. Kinda weird. But, like I said.... I'll get there!

P.S. Thanks for all of your sweet comments on facebook. It really meant a lot :)


Laney said...

SUPER cute! Sarah you can pull off everything from what I can tell. Love it!

Emily said...

Love it! :)