Monday, August 29, 2011

We're Still Kickin'

We survived Hurricane Irene, and survived it well. It rained a lot and was extremely windy, but we were some of the few who didn't even lose power, or trees, and didn't have any flooding. Even though the storm was an enormous 500 miles wide, and they predicted it to be a direct hit over our little town, it wasn't as bad as they thought.

Lucky for us. We actually had quite a terrific Saturday, cozy inside our home, playing Wii, eating lots of treats, playing games, reading, watching the news (it was a constant noise in the background), and resting. All the while, the wind was howling outside, and rain was pelting our home pretty much the entire day. It was worse through the night, but like I said, we were fine, and thankfully, didn't have to eat chicken noodle soup for a week straight. Those who didn't fare as well are still in our thoughts and prayers.

Good riddance Irene, please do not come back anytime soon.

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