Saturday, August 20, 2011

Baby M: 9 Months

Baby boy is 9 months. Technically, he is 10 months, in a little over a week. He is such a joy. We can't get enough of him and we all get such a thrill out of every cute, little thing he does. As usual, he is growing like a weed (but, a darling weed :) and he is still completely off the charts at 27.5 pounds and 30.5 inches long. Big boy. Don't worry, his crib is now on the lowest setting. I have to say that this is one my of absolute favorite ages. It's so fun to see him learn so much and really starting to grasp the world around him. He has learned a lot of new tricks, including:

-clapping (especially when we say "Yay!")
-giving 5
-sipping through a straw
-shakes head "no" when he doesn't want something
-pats his chest when we say "Where's Magnus?"
-and da da da-duh!.... Crawling!

Life has changed quite a bit since M started scooting around (about a month ago) and it's funny how much you forget they can reach and get into. Thankfully, he can only pull up to his knees still and he's not on his feet yet.

I can still trap him in his excer-saucer, and he loves to jump up and down in it. It keeps him busy for awhile before he's protesting to be taken out.

Cute little crawler. He's getting much quicker these days, especially when he sees something he wants. It's hilarious when his legs start going too fast for his arms and he ends up doing a faceplant on the floor. Unfortunately, he's already taken a spill down the stairs and I am constantly telling the kids to shut the basement door.

He loves suckers and will stay quite content in his highchair sucking on one happily while I do dishes or sweep the floor. (PS Look at those arms! Love me some squishy-squish)

I still bring him in with me to nurse when he wakes up in the morning. This is one of my favorite times of the day. We just sit and play afterwards, until he's trying to crawl off the bed, that is...

If you've noticed a pattern, it's true. I never get my child dressed. He wears onesies and pajammas every day. He's just SO snuggable.

Sadie likes to hangout with M because she can get the occasional lick in and he doesn't protest like the rest of us. He thinks she's funny and likes to "pat" (ie "hit") her.

M has had 8 teeth for a couple months now, but there is no sign of more anytime soon. He eats anything he is given. Anything. I have yet to find a food he doesn't like. And he also never stops opening his mouth for food. He cries nearly every time I stop feeding him and tell him the food is "all gone!" at the end of a meal. He loves to eat.

It has been quite a different experience having a baby in VA. Babies are more of a rarity here and I can't believe how much attention he gets. People are always stopping us to see him or going out of their way to come up to us and talk about him. I think part of it is his size. I have yet to be out running errands and not have someone comment on how big he is. He has always been shy and will duck his head with a little smile when a stranger talks to him. If I am holding him, he turns into my shoulder and hides.

Magnus loves his dad. He saves his biggest and best smiles for Andy. He reaches for him whenever Andy passes by. He is definitely a daddy's boy. He also says "Dada" on a regular basis and has been for a couple months. However, sometimes, a boy just wants his mom :) His first word was "Momma" right around 6 months old. Sometimes I am the only one who can calm him or make him happy. He also loves his siblings and they all love making him giggle, laugh, and smile. Daphne is especially good at this and she loves to play with him in his room. Laylah is still the best helper with him and lugs him around, gets him dressed, feeds him, and buckles him in his carseat. Both Jonah and Baron alike can always get a smile out of M when he is cranky or sad. They are all just so sweet with him.

M makes some funny noises with his tongue. He clicks, as well as makes a "tsss" sound, all day long. He also says "nana" over and over, which means he sees food, and wants some, of course :). He is still an excellent sleeper, going 12 hours at night (7-7) and taking two 2-hour naps during the day. He is a dream baby. We all just love our big ball of squish named Magnus :)


Rachel said...

Ok, honestly I am trying to have kind feelings towards you after reading about cute baby M's sleeping schedule. Are you kidding me? Claire, who is 12+ months and weighs 18 pounds, does not sleep through the night, and I am usually lucky to get one nap longer than an hour an a half. Of course I am happy for you and your sleeper, who is ADORABLE !!!

Ashlie said...

I wish I had me a squishy squish baby, he is super cute.

Gross on the spider!!!!

And I really love the hair!

Shana Smith said...

Oh he is darling! Seriously he is the little Michelin Man,& I want to squeeze him:) Crazy crazy that in 2 months our babes will be a year old! I cannot get over it! This age is so much fun and M is one cute cute kid!

Shana Smith said...

PS. I LOVE your hair! Keep it, you look fabulous:)

Melina said...

I had to laugh when I read this. M weighs more than Oliver, who's now 3 1/2!!! Are you kidding? I mean, I know Ollie's small, but wow. Funny how different they all can be. Magnus is absolutely adorable, though. Totally squishable. Glad things are going well there, and your hair is super cute!