Monday, August 8, 2011

Bear's Lake

That's right. Bear's Lake. It's his. He told me so.

Doesn't matter who's it is, we had a blast there! I just love the Ideal Beach Resort, which is where my parents have a condo. There is so much to do there and we always have such a great time.

July 9th-July 13th

Highlights of our trip:

-The nice, cool weather

-The gorgeous beach, and amazing views

-Shakes and fries (with fry sauce! How I have missed fry sauce...) from Labeau's (many times)

-Church on Sunday. It is always SO crowded, hot, and jam-packed during the summer. I always make a new friend or two wandering out in the hallways with babies!

-Roasting marshmallows and making s'mores, even though a huge storm was blowing in. We barely finished in time before the downpour!

-Playing at the playground and spinning round and round on the old school merry-go-round (and unfortunately, witnessing a little boy fall off the monkey-bars and breaking his arm :( )

-Going on a few lovely bike rides around the lake


-playing a few rounds of mini golf (and real golf for the big boys :)



-creating in the Kid's Craft Room

-Boating, skiing, tubing and freezing our bums off in the frigid Bear Lake water


-Playing tennis, football, and baseball

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So, instead of writing all of those words down, I'll just let you SEE what a splendid time we had. It was terrific!

Jonah threw a prefect spiral right here. Gettin' ready for football season...

Remember this as a kid? "1, 2, 3, WHEEE!"

The kids loved hanging out at Rachel and Don's cabin which was just down the street from the condo resort. The movie they were watching must have been intense :)

A huge storm rolling in.

Scenes from a bike ride:

See that huge buck right by the pole of that sign?!?.... Yeah, me neither. I kicked my butt riding to the top of this huge hill (the view was SO worth it, see below), and when I glanced up, there was a huge deer (maybe a six-point? I can't remember) staring at me. I s-l-o-w-l-y raised my phone to take a picture, glanced down to snap it and when I looked up, it was gone. I looked down at the picture and noticed I didn't catch it! Darn! He must have slipped away silently. It was pretty amazing. As was this aformentioned view.

"Yesssss!! I made it in!"

The kids had more fun on the balcony in these boxes than anywhere else, pretty much.

Jonah fell asleep hanging out in this tube. Cute little feet sticking out...

Laylah attempted skiing again this year. She liked my offer that was still good from last year. Unfortunately, after 1 try, she gave up. She definitely does not like water flying in her face. Oh well, there's always next year!

This was the first time I'd skied in a couple years due to pregnancy. It was absolutely fantastic, and the water perfectly perfect. I adore water-skiing and wish I could do it all summer long. We need a boat!

Cute family of mine :)

Love me a cute, sandy bum

Destroy the sandcastle!

See? We had a blast.

And that's that, until next time!

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