Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Families Are Eternal"

We had a little Back to School Feast and special Family Home Evening the night before school was supposed to start. It was also the day of the earthquake, so we later found out that school would be delayed a day and that it wouldn't actually start until Thursday. It turned out fine because we had a few aftershocks that night and it was nice to have the kids home the next day because I was still a bit jumpy.

Anyway, our family theme this year is: Our dinner consisted of crockpot chicken over rice (a family favorite), steamed broccoli, fresh pineapple, buttery bread, and sparkling raspberry lemonade.

During dinner we talked about our theme and what it means. We let the kids know that our home should be a heaven on earth and we should always strive to have the spirit here. It is a safe haven for everyone who enters and no one should have to worry about being sad or unhappy while in our home. We love our family and we have the eternal blessings of the temple to be together forever as an eternal family, and we need to always remember that. We also talked about how our family is the most important thing in this life and we should always treat each other like one of our most prized possesions. We stick up for each other and help each other. Always, no matter what.

I have noticed since this special FHE that the kindness in our home has increased and the bickering has lessened so much. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the kids are back in school, and therefore, don't see each other as much. But whatever the reason, I like it :)

Mini Cinni's served as our dessert.

I made these special back-to-school gifts for each child. During April's General Conference, I remembered hearing a talk about how every child should have a picture of the temple in their room. It's been my goal to make that happen. I've had the supplies for these for awhile, but never made them until now. I think they turned out fabulously!

This is Magnus'. I made them all to match their rooms.

The kids were very excited about their pictures. It made me happy.

Excpet Bear really wanted to take the flower off of his picture, haha. Too bad I totally super-glued it on. Sorry Bear!

After our wonderful FHE, we had Father's Blessing's given by Andrew. They were amazing, and it was mentioned frequently for the kids to be good examples to their friend's and to also be good missionaries. I have really enjoyed living in the mission field. It has taught my kid's so many great lessons.

Treats were served, and everyone was happy :)

The End.


Jasmyn said...

This is so cute, Sarah! How do you get so much done with all your kids?! :)

Ashlie said...

You have to be the most creative mom ever. I just love your ideas. Where did you get the temple pictures?

Melanie said...

What a fabulous idea. All of it. The theme for the year, the temple pictures, the big feast! You are an incredible mom and I really look up to your example.