Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy 7th Jo-Jo!!

Jonah had a birthday!... almost a month ago :) I mentioned that we were supposed to get home from our trip on July 18th, but instead we ended up getting home the morning of the 19th, which was Jo's birthday. We sang him Happy Birthday in the airport while we were waiting for the luggage. He was pretty stoked to have it be his day!

Sleepy boy, just off of the airplane at 6 AM!

We stopped at Krispy Kreme for donuts and the grocery store for milk on the way home from the airport since I was aware that our fridge was completely empty, and even if there was something in it, it would be rotten. Everyone went back to bed for awhile and watched movies after they woke up (Jonah's choice, of course :) while I went to the store to do a little last minute birthday shopping, pick up balloons and cupcakes, and do a bit of grocery shopping.

Since it was Jonah's turn for a family party this year, we picked up pizza and headed to the pool for some birthday F-U-N!
He wanted a Pokemon Party, and that's what he got! By the way, it's so funny to me that Jonah is all of the sudden into Pokemon because my little sister Suzanne loved it and was practically obsessed for many years. She and Jonah talked Pokemon many times when she came to visit last April :)

Pizza and cupcakes. Yummy yum.

I brought one gift for Jonah to open at the pool.

New goggles. Just what he needed!

Time to head back to the pool! Haha. Funny Bear.

Here is Jonah being a shark.

After the pool closed, we headed back home for birthday gifts!A new swimsuit, some clothes, an umbrella, a couple toys...

... and the gift he's been asking (okay, begging) for for months.... his nintendo DS! Can you tell that he was a bit excited?

Along with a Pokemon game, of course! He couldn't have been happier.

I had to get a picture of mom with the birthday boy! Happy 7th birthday Jonah Boy. We love you SO much!!

Jonah at 7:

Wow, where do I start? This kid is rad. He is so dang funny and always has us laughing. He is SUCH a great big brother, and he always includes Baron in everything he does. They are the best of buds. He is turning into a great helper, and although I used to call him lazy (not to his face, in my head) all the time, he is making me eat my words. It was hard for me to realize, and accept, that boys and girls really are different. It has taken him much longer to mature than it did his sisters. But he is to the point where I can ask him to do something and he is dependable and usually pretty happy to do it.

This kid L-O-V-E-S video games. Like, more than anything. When I tell him it's time to turn them off, he almost always says, "But mom, I'm just such a video game fan!" Makes me laugh. I have to put a time limit on the Wii and his DS, and also the computer. He would play all-day-long-non-stop if I let him. I have even found him hiding under his covers on his bed playing his DS after I told him it was enough for the day (and yes, I took it from him for the next 2 days. I know, I'm so mean :). Luckily, he also loves to play outside. He can entertain himself for hours. He plays spy, adventure, and what-have-you. I don't even know sometimes. I will sit and watch him from inside, looking out the window, and he's just running around playing whatever. He also loves to throw the football around with anyone who will play with him. He loves playing with friends, riding bikes, trading Pokemon cards, and swimming. He also loves movies and asks to watch Netflix almost daily.

Jonah is a great friend. He is kind and sweet. He has a tender heart and will tell me about when kids at school get teased or made fun of and how he will go and sit by them, or try to be their friend. He makes me proud. He is starting to enjoy school more and tells me he is really excited to start 2nd grade in a couple weeks. He is a great reader and started reading chapter books a few months ago. He is also really good at math. He loves food, and must be going through a growth spurt because he eats more than I do. He is not picky, but he doesn't like potatoes. His favorite food is crepes.

Jonah can be a huge tease and likes to be tricky. He is always saying, "But, I was just kidding!" and his famous line when I ask him why he did something he shouldn't have is, "I don't know." It drives me crazy. Luckily, he is doing much better at making good choices as he is growing up and maturing. Jonah also loves all-things-yucky. Bugs, lizards, sharks, and the like. He loves to fish whenever he gets the chance, he catches bugs on a daily basis, and he has been begging for a lizard for years. Maybe next year... maybe not.

No matter what though,I love this boy so much, I can't even describe it. He has such a sweet heart. I love you my Jonah.

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Laney said...

Can I be one of your kids? Your birthday celebrations always look like so much fun. Jo sure is a cute kid. HOW is he 7 already?! Tell those kids of yours to slow down.