Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Know It's A Little Early For Halloween, But...

Seriously. I almost wet my pants when I went out to check the mailbox, opened it up, saw this giant web completely covering the opening, peeked inside and saw a HUGE black widow right in my face. I screamed so loud that my boys heard me from inside and came running out to check on me.

I ran in and found a can of RAID (for ants), but it did the trick. I sprayed and sprayed that sucker until it dropped to the ground and was writhing around in circles. Then Bear stepped on it and now it's a black smear in the gutter. I hate spiders. Like hate hate.

Can you even imagine if the mailman just happened to come a little earlier that day, and put the mail in there, and one of my dear, sweet children ran out (just like they so often do) and reached in to retrieve it (reached into a deathtrap!!), and what if that ugly, black creature just happened to decide to sink its fangs into their chubby little hand?

Holy. Moly.


Dave and Kristin Dirkmaat said...

Wow!!! that is so crazy!!! I hate spiders too and Black Widows freak me out so bad!!! I had our house sprayed a few months ago but need to do it again because one evening we found a spider city in one corner of our fence!ahhh glad no one got bitten!

Shana Smith said...

I HATE HATE spiders too, doesn't matter the size or color, I get so scared when I see them! Even after they die a poisonous death I still shake of fear!! Yuck, anything else!!