Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Early Valentine

When I picked up Jonah from school yesterday, I asked him what he learned about. He opened his back-pack and took out a cute clown puppet and told me how he learned all about the circus. He looked into his back-pack again and pulled out this cute little green heart cutout and said "Look mom, this is from Caitlyn, she made it for me all by herself and gave it to me. She said I'm the nicest boy and she likes me." I laughed and said "Ohhh, is she your girlfriend?" He got this huge grin and said "Yup!" Too cute!


Brian and Becca said...
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Brian and Becca said...

That is adorable! I will have to break is to kenzie she'll be so sad LOL! You know, she says she is going to marry Joe in the temple when she gets older. hehehe! Aren't they cute and innocent at this age :)