Thursday, February 7, 2013


I have been dreading turning 30 since before I even turned 29. I don't know what it was. I have never before been stressed about a birthday. I just loved the fact that when people asked me how old I was, I could still respond that I was in my 20's. I know it is totally silly.... everyone gets older. The other thing was, I enjoyed the response I would get when people found out how old I was and the fact that I had 5 kids. Negative attention, positive attention.... I don't care. I like attention, what can I say ;)
It didn't matter how I felt about it though, the day came where I turned 30. And, if the day was any indication of how my 30's will be, I'd say they're shaping up to be pretty darn awesome. I'd like to recap my day, because it was so much fun, and I felt so loved. Good feelings, for sure.
I started out the day helping my kids get ready for school. They were all so sweet and wished me a happy birthday. Laylah had wanted to help make me a yummy birthday breakfast, but we ran out of time, so Andy quickly whipped up hashbrown, eggs, sausage, and juice. He had planned on making cinnamon rolls, but like I said, we got a bit of a late start to the day and ran out of time. Even though he makes the best cinnamon rolls ever, I was a little glad that he didn't have time.... I knew I'd be eating enough calories throughout the day as it was. :)
I headed to the gym after I dropped the kids off at school, and when I walked into my muscle blast class (a few minutes late) the teacher yelled out "Happy Birthday! Sarah is 30 today!" She made me stand up on a step bench and everyone sang to me. My mom must have told her, because I sure didn't. So sweet.
I went home and got ready for the day. My mom and I had plans to go to lunch and shopping for my birthday. I love spending time with my mom. She is one of my favorite people in the world. We went to Zupa's for salads and sandwiches. She knew I really wanted some nice brown riding boots, so that's what we were looking for. We finally found some at Nordtrom Rack (steal of a deal!), and they are fabulous. Just what I was looking for and have been wanting for the last couple years. They will go with anything and everything.
We went to a few more stores (including See's Candy where we had a couple chocolates. Divine), and I found another pair of shoes, a coat, and some clothes. A successful shopping trip! It was so much fun spending the afternoon together.
Andy had warned me to be home at 4:30, so that's right when my mom dropped me off. I walked into the house and was greeted by a decorated living room, and a bike right in the middle of the room. MY bike! The one I had been asking for every birthday, Christmas, and Mother's Day for about 5 years!! I didn't really know what to say, and then Andy and the kids jumped out and yelled "surprise!" They all came and hugged me and told me happy birthday again. I tell you, I could have died on the spot and been completely fulfilled with my life. I love my family more than anything. I was so surprised with my new bike, and just so happy.
We went out to dinner and then we were supposed to go to a movie. Apparently, turning 30 has made me a bit senial, because I told Andy the wrong theater for the movie. By the time we figured it out, it was too late to go back to the other theater because the movie had already started. We decided to see the movie this weekend instead and just go home for cake.
The kids sang to me, we had cake (it was absolutely DELICIOUS) and then they gave me one more gift. I had been eyeing a darling lamp at Target and told Laylah I would love it for my birthday. She told Andy, so my plan worked perfectly ;)
After Andy and I put the kids to bed, we decided to try a movie again, so we headed out and saw Warm Bodies. It was funny and cute, but also a little weird and gross. We hardly ever go see movies, so I was a little disappointed. Oh well, I just loved spending the night with my love.
As you can see, the day couldn't have been better. I guess 30 isn't so bad.
 My new lamp... you can't really tell, but the shade is turquoise and matches my piano perfectly
 my *perfect* new boots
 And my *perfect* new bike. It's a hybrid, so it's great for either mountain biking, or road biking. I don't mountain bike, like, ever, but it's good to know I have the option!
 Sure love this guy. He really made my day special.
And here I am, in all of my 30 year old glory. I still look 29, right?... no? Okay, at least I had a fabulous, wonderful day :)

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