Sunday, February 3, 2013

Daphne's Happy #7!

My little Miss Daphers turned 7 years old on the 13th of January. It was her turn for a family party this year. I let her choose a family activity, and she wanted to go ice-skating. I also let her invite 1 friend to come along. She chose Nicole, who has quickly become one of her best friends this school year. Since her birthday fell on a Sunday, we went on Saturday night. Right before we were going to leave, Baron and Magnus both fell asleep on the couch (they didn't get a nap that day) so Andy stayed home with them. I just took the older 3 plus Daphne's friend. We had a fun night.

The next morning, there was a happy birthday girl. She chose waffles, sausage, apple juice, and hot chocolate for her birthday breakfast. I let her open a couple of gifts before church.
She has been begging for scriptures for a couple years. I keep telling her that she will get a really nice set when she tunrs 8 and gets baptized, but she still really wanted some. I found a darling, tiny little Book of Mormon, along with a little carrying case that was really inexpensive at the distribution center, so I got them for her. She also got a new outfit to wear that day and a new necklace. She was beyond thrilled about her very own scriptures.

 Ready for church!
That evening, my parents, sister, and grandmas came over for dinner. Andy's parents were out of town, so they weren't there. We had Daphne's choice of chicken roll-ups with gravy, broccoli, berries with whip cream dip, raspberyy jello, spinach salad, and pink lemonade. It was pretty yummy.
 Daphne is so funny, and very particular. She definitely knows what she wants. She requested a milk chocolate cake with white chocolate frosting, and milk chocolate shavings on the top. She is so funny. But, it turned out pretty good, even though I had never before made white chocolate frosting.
We opened gifts after dinner. She was pretty spoiled with new rollerskates, new barbie stuff, aaaaaand..... a nutcracker. That's right, a nutcracker. Ever since she was in the play back in December, she has wanted one. She cracks me up, but like I said, she definitely knows what she wants. She was thrilled with her soldier nutcracker. She plays with it all the time.

She got Honey (an American Girl dog) from my mom and dad

She got new clothes from Grandma Darlene, and money from Grandma Marge (and also her aunts and uncles that were so thoughtful to send her cards)

Enjoying her very chocolately cake and chocolate ice cream. Oy.... this girl and her chocolate!

 I just had to throw this hilarious picture of Jonah in. He's doing what he does best.... being a silly goofball.
The next day, Andy's parents got home from their trip, and they came over to say Happy Birthday and give Daphne a gift. She got some art stuff, a game, and some more money (my kids are richer than me after their birthdays).

I think it was a very Happy Birthday indeed for this little girl.
Daphne at 7:
Well, what can I say about Daphne? She is so many things.... individualistic, different, sweet, caring, clever, intellectual, thoughtful, kind, adventurous, smart, and I guess I could go on and on. She marches to the beat of her own drum. She doesn't care what others think, and she is a leader among her peers. She is very outgoing and has lots of friends. All of her teachers always tell me that when she is absent, everyone is so excited when she returns. She lights up a room with her dazzling smile and silly laugh. She is such a wonderful girl. She is so hilarious and witty. She is also definitely a "middle child". She thinks everything is unfair, and she loves to have the attention on her. She is responsible, and willing to help. I can set her to a task, and she will complete it. She is one of the slowest people I know, whether it is eating, cleaning, or getting something done. She always does it, but it usually takes twice as long as it should.
Daphne loves life. She wants to do everything. She just started piano lessons and has been working so hard on her practicing, because she really wants to play the violin, but I told her she had to learn paino first. She adores horses, everything to do with them. She is going to really start riding in the spring when it warms up a bit. She loves to sing, even though she can't carry a tune. She loves Taylor Swift, and will dance around her room singing. She loves to sing in primary and her school choir. She is in the gifted program at school, and it has been so good for her. It is a place where she can let her creativity flow. She knows what she wants, and she is not afraid to tell anyone what she thinks.
Daphne has grown a lot in the past year. She is very slim, but she has gotten tall. She weighs about 49 pounds and is about 47 or 48 inches tall. She wears a size small (6-7) and her shoe size is a 1, same as Baron. They are almost the exact same size. Except he weighs more. She is my pickiest eater. She will usually always try something at least once, but if she doesn't like it, she will never try it again. She is very opinionated about food (well, about everything, actually) and if she doesn't like it, and someone else does, she will try to convince them that they shouldn't like it because of how yucky it is. She can be very persuasive too. She is a funny little girl. Luckily, she does have some favorite foods like, eggs, pancakes, cereal, milk (it took awhile to get her there, but yes, she finally likes milk now), apples, any kind of berry, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, cheese, broccoli, carrots, asparagus, artichokes, pickles, pears, and a few others. She is a good eater when she likes the food on her plate.
Daphne loves life. She loves her friends and family. She enjoys playing computer games, and the wii occasionally. She absolutely loves to be outside. She loves to ride her bike, scooter and rollerskate. She likes to play on the tramp and play at the park. In the summer, she is a little fish in the swimming pool. She loves movies and going to the movie theater. She is really easy to please, and likes to stay busy. She is independant and likes to be away from home, wether it's with grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, or whatever. I swear, that girl has no fear.
I am so lucky that Daphne is mine. I learn a lot from her on a daily basis. She is such a special spirit in our home and I am touched by her thoughtfulness and kindness. I love her so much, more than I can say. Happy #7 little missy.

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