Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Assiduous, Aspiring, And Active Offspring

It's no lie that we stay pretty busy around these parts. My children are active, and like to be involoved. Even the little boys, who aren't yet old enough to have too many activities, keep me on my toes. Well, maybe not so much Bear as another little man that likes to get into lots of trouble....
Speaking of Magnus, we decided it was time for him to have a bed of his own and get rid of the crib. He's been climbing out of it for a couple months anyway, so it's not like we were doing any good by trying to contain him.
 The crib is now gone, burned to ashes in our fireplace. Expensive firewood, but I wasn't about to store it, we didn't know anyone who needed it, and we weren't able to sell it because of this new law, soooo..... yeah. Firewood it became. Farewell faithful crib. You were a member of this family for 10 years, and you served us well *wipe away a tear*
So yes, Magnus is growing up. For a couple weeks, he just slept on a mattress on the floor. The 3 boys share a room, and it's a bit of a tight squeeze. We let Andy's sister have our toddler bed about 4 years ago, because we didn't think we'd need it ever again (it's lucky it didn't become firewood too, I guess)
 But Andy's other sister told us she had one we could borrow until Magnus gets a little bigger and we figure out a new situation for him. He loves his new bed. He especially loves the freedom it gives him at 5 AM when he wakes up and then tries to wake up his brothers to play, and when that doesn't work, he finally creeps downstairs to play with toys when he should be sleeping...
In other news, Jonah has been playing basketball again. He enjoys it, and his team has done okay, winning about half of their games. It's over next week... I'll miss watching him play.
Jonah was required to participate in the science fair because of the class he is in, and he wanted to expirement with different types of containers, and see how long they could keep ice cream frozen. I hate science. And I despise science projects. Luckily, Andy took the lead on this, and I was just asked to do the basics, like running to the store to get different types of containers. I was so glad when this thing was done.
Daphne's class dressed up as 100 year old people for the 100th day of school. Those white specs in her hair were my attempt with flour and trying to make her look gray, and her "cane" is actually an old roll from the inside of wrapping paper.... I know, I get an "A" for effort.

Laylah and her sewing skills are progressing nicely. She made this darling bag, and is in the process of making a rag quilt for her new cousin that will be born next week. Her talents never cease to amaze me.
Here is another example of Magnus' new found freedom. If there is something yummy to eat anywhere in the house, this kid will find it. Every time. Especially at 6 AM. I'm just glad he didn't try to turn on the burner. In fact, I was a little surprised that I didn't find him on fire...
Daphne is learning the great art of letter-writing at school. I received this in the mail one day, and just thought it was too clever. I may have to indulge her and get her one for her next birthday, just because her begging is so darn cute.

 I found this photo of Baron on my phone. I realize that I haven't mentioned him in this post once. It's because he isn't really old enough to be involved in anything yet, and he isn't a troublemaker like Magnus (thank goodness). He still goes to preschool and loves it. Besides that, he loves to play with friends, whenever he can. He's just so cute and funny, and such a good boy. I love my Bear.

 Laylah continues to have soccer year round. Her team participated in an indoor tourney, and they did awesome. They made it to the semi-finals, but lost that game. She played great though. She almost scored a goal 3 different times, and I was just so proud that she never gave up. She also recently received an award from the club she plays for (Murray Max) because she has a perfect GPA. She is such a good girl.
Oh look, I found another picture of Bear! I guess he does do more than go to preschool and play with friends. He is an expert at Angry Birds, both electronically and live. He knocked over this tower that Andy concocted. Go Bear, get those pigs!
Just a little peek into the daily life of 5 very darling children, as told by their mom who adores them. (no bias at all I tell you ;)

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Emily H said...

Your babies are just so adorable! What a lucky Momma you are to have such a great lil' bunch of kiddos.

I can't believe the stories about Magnus. You must share the one that you posted on FB about finding him on the roof!!!

Do you ever stay away at night just worrying about their safety?? I do! It's so scary all the things that could go wrong. Thank goodness for a Heavenly Father who provides comfort so that we don't totally freak ourselves out all the time!!!

Anyways, just wanted to say hi!