Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Little Love Notes

Valentine's Day is on Thursday. I love that holiday.... I am in love with love. I wanted to do something a little different this year, so when I found these mini mailboxes at Target back in January (by the way, why is everything mini so dang cute? I love mini anything), I had an idea. Apparently, so did a million other people on Pinterest. I thought I was being super creative, and then I found out that I wasn't.... oh well! We have still had a great time with this fun activity.
At first, I was going to start this on February 1st, and do it until Valentine's Day, but I thought the kids might lose interest, because they are still a little young. I wanted them to still be excited about it when we ended, so that they will be excited for it year after year. I think this will become a new family  tradition.
Anyway, for FHE on Monday, we had a lesson about different kinds of love. Showing love for our family, love for our friends, and also love for our Savior, and how we can do acts of service to feel of our Savior's love. It was such a wonderful Family Home Evening. After it was over, I brought out these little mailboxes that I had decorated and filled with a love note and treat for each of them. I explained that they could give each other notes, treats, coupons, what have you. All they needed to do was put it in, and put the flag up so that the recipient would know that they had something in their mailbox. I told them we would leave the mailboxes out until Valentine's Day, and if they had a fun time with it, we could make it a yearly tradition.

I am so excited about the reaction I got. They were so thrilled. They immedietly started writing love notes, coupons to do each others chores, and putting little goodies inside each others mailboxes. They have loved it, and it makes me so happy as their mom to see them think of things that they can do for each other. Jonah is making everyone's bed on Saturday. Laylah is doing Daphne's chores for 2 whole days. Baron gave Laylah 2 of his beloved Pokemon cards. And Daphne drew a picture for everyone. It is so rewarding as a mother to see my kids show each other so much love and care. I have also enjoyed writing sweet notes of love to my children every day, and putting it in their box, along with a little treat. It makes their day (and mine too!) and I love to see their happy faces peek into those little boxes to see what has been left for them.
This is a fun, new twist on the Valentine holiday for us, and I am excited that it turned out so well.... because let's be honest... with kids, you never know what will happen!


Ashlie said...

You are such a cute mama! I love your ideas, especially this one. So Cute!!

Emily H said...

Aww, how cute!! I hope they'll keep it up for a while for ya! Haha!
BTW Thanks for stopping by my blog with a comment!! I just posted again tonight. Maybe I'm on a roll!

Dave and Kristin Dirkmaat said...

Love this!!!!