Monday, February 18, 2013

Is It Spring Yet?

I have been loving winter. I know a lot of people hate it, but I never have. I had a break from snow while we lived in VA, which I kind of enjoyed, but now that I'm back in UT, I LOVE the snow! It is beautiful. And, if it is going to be bum-freezing cold, I'd rather have something pretty to look at while I'm shivering in my boots.

That being said.... When is spring coming?! Because I got some new sandals for Christmas, and all I want to do is wear them. I've worn them around the house a few times to, you know, try them out and whatnot. They are so cute and so comfy. I even painted my toenails so they would look good while I was playing dress-up.

And then, last week, my sisters and I had a girl's night planned. I got dressed and ready to go, and wouldn't you know it? Those darling new sandals somehow ended up on my feet and they didn't want to come off, so I thought, "Eh, what the heck? It was 39 degrees after all. That's practically balmy by Utah standards. The sandals shall stay on!"

And stay on they did. It was a fun night too, with great conversation. Only my sister Kaylie was missing, who is into ditching us for a certain boy lately...

But, anyway, the point is, I finally got to wear my darling sandals (which, I mentioned, complimented my outfit perfectly) and I did not get frostbite. I guess I really am a Utah Girl through and through :)

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Tommy and Teisha said...

Looks like you guys like Bonsai as much as my family-- we eat here all the time!