Saturday, February 2, 2013


Even though January usually drags on and on and is a big bummer because Christmas is over and it's freezing, and all that stuff, this January was even worse than all that. It didn't just drag.... it draaaaaaagged. And even though Daphne's birthday is in January, that's only one fun day amidst a lot of crappy days. (I have to laugh about that too, because Daphne hates that her birthday is in January. She wishes she were born in the summer instead.)
Anyway, moving on. The kids went back ot school on the 2nd, so Rachel and I took advantage. Her mother-in-law watched her children, so we only had a Magnus to take with us, and we went shopping up to the outlets and had lunch. Always fun. Magnus is really easy going, and doesn't mind shopping at all. In fact, I think he rather enjoys it.
 Trying on the merchandise
 Posing in the fitting room mirror
The girls also started up riding lessons again. However, they decided it was just too cold in the winter and we are going to wait a few more weeks until spring to really get them going again.
Jonah started Jr. Jazz. He hasn't played in a year, but he does okay. He just needs to practice a bit more on his shooting and dribbling.
We got together with all of Andy's siblings (minus Jenny) for one last hurrah, because his sisters, Bree and Terra, would be leaving to go back to their homes out of state. We went out to dinner and spent the evening together.
 It was a lot of fun, and we miss them when they're gone! (Magnus really does love Terra, but he was in a rotten mood)

I got a new calling at church. I am the new first counselor in the Young Women's. I was so surprised, probably because I have never been in Young Women's.... at least, not since I was one! I have always held callings in Relief Society and Primary. It will be a huge adjustment for me, I'm sure. I already the love the girls, they are all so different and wonderful.
Andy got some Jazz tickets from the kids for Christmas, so one night we went to dinner and the Jazz game. I was mad at myself for forgetting to take even one picture of our fun night together, but then I decided it was okay to live life and not have to document every single thing in pictures. It's a good thing that I was too busy spending time with my honey and living life to remember to stop and take a picture. Anyway, we had a blast.
Daphne had a birthday! She turned 7. I'll do a seperate post for the birthday girl.
We had quite a month of bad luck. I got in a tiny car accident and I didn't want to turn it in to the insurance, that is, until we heard the estimate of damages. $2500 plus a week for a rental car. There was just a tiny dent next to the wheel. Oh well, that's what insurance is for, right? A couple days later, my car broke down. It just wouldn't start after I had been driving it around all day. We found out the fuel pump went out. Who can blame it? The thing is 16 years old. Andy was able to fix it. I am so lucky that he is so handy. He can fix just about anything.
Here's just a couple cute pics of my baby. He copies everything the older kids do, and I just think it's pretty cute. He got out these piano books, opened the piano, sat up there and pretended to practice. 

Laylah got 3rd place in her class spelling bee and Jonah got 2nd. They were pretty excited about their medals. Daphne was so disappointed that she got 4th and just barely missed out on a medal. Oh well, there's always next year!

The kids had a huge choir concert in January. It was called the Murray Choir Festival, and all of the elementary school choirs in the Murray district sang a couple of songs. At the end, they all sang a song together. It was a fun night.

 There were 7 elementary schools in all.
The bad luck continued when the next week I came down with something and got so so sick. While I was resting for a bit, Magnus had a hayday with the eggs.
 Good thing he is pretty cute. So, I forgave him. He is obsessed with Daphne's new rollerskates that she got for her birthday and tried to wear them every chance he gets.
Daphne got my sickness and one night she had a 107.7 degree fever. I almost flipped out. I had given her some motrin, but I rushed her to the ER. I didn't let her wear a coat, and since it was only about 5 degrees outside, she cooled off on the way there. Her fever was only 103 degrees by the time we arrived, but they wanted to observe her and test her for flu. They wouldn't let us leave for hours because her heart rate was so high and they were worried about seizures (because of the fever). Around midnight I begged them to let us go (because I was still sick and felt like my head was about to explode) and they finally did after I swore I would take her to the pediatrician the next day for a follow-up. (I didn't, whoopsie). She tested positive for Influenza B. I was sure I had it too. Andy's mom took pity on me and brought us dinner one night. It was so nice of her.

While all of that was going on, Laylah had been attending a cheer clinic at Murray High. They performed at a basketball halftime show. She had fun.
 The rest of the month I was just trying to survive. I was still weak from being sick. I blogged a lot (as you can see :) and rested, and did as minimum as possible. Now I am paying for it and super behind on cleaning and laundry. A mother's work is never done, can I get an amen?!
January has had record lows and been absolutely frigid. At least it's pretty, and I love the snow. I missed it while we lived in VA. We have about 2 feet in our yard, and tons of huge icicles.

Oh yeah, and I finally remembered to take a picture of Jonah in his scout uniform at pack meeting. He has loved cub scouts and it has been great for him. Not quite sure what he's doing in this picture, I think he was annoyed with me...
And that has been January. Good riddance. No more bad luck please! I am ready for the month of lovers.... and my birthday! Even though I am dreading the big 3-0.... when did I get so old?!

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