Tuesday, February 26, 2013

And Then I Realized My Baby Isn't Really A Baby

It's no secret that I love babies. Magnus is still known as "the baby" around these parts.

"Shhhh, you need to be quiet, the baby is napping."

"How's my baby boy doing?"

"Does anyone know where the baby is?" (This one is usually followed by some frantic searching, because I swear that kid can disappear more quickly that Houdini)

Anyway, I recently had to get some routine blood work done, and the closest lab happened to be at the Women's Center in the hospital near my house. I haven't seen so many pregnant women in I don't even know how long.

Now, I have been perfectly content with my family of 7, but after seeing all of those beautiful, round-bellied, glowing women, I felt something inside of me that I haven't felt in a looooong time. Jealousy.

It shocked me a little bit, and as I waited to get called back to the lab, I let my thoughts slowly process. Did I really want to be in their too-small-because-of-swollen-pregnant-feet-shoes? After thinking about it for a bit, I realized that, no, I didn't. I am completely content with my life. I don't ever feel the longing for another baby as I so often did while my family was growing. I think the only thing I miss is the newness and exciting adventure ahead. The anxious waiting, the preparing, the impending labor and delivery. Because, I have to admit, that's my favorite part of pregnancy. So, I guess that's what I was jealous of. Their excitement.

A couple of days later, Andy's sister delivered her 4th baby a couple weeks early. We went to visit in the hospital, and as I held that precious, new from heaven baby, I just smiled. I am really content at this stage in my life to just enjoy other people's babies. The realization made me happy :)

And so, here's my baby, enjoying his first ever snow experience. That's right, the poor kid is 2 1/2, and this is the first time he has worn a snowsuit and played in the snow. He absolutely loved it! Please be my baby forever little M.

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Mrs.Spy said...

I still call Romy "the baby." She's eleven. There is plenty of time for boys to be men, drag out the baby part for as long as you want, Sarah. :)