Saturday, February 2, 2013

And We'll Have Fun Fun Fun 'Til School Starts Again

As always, the week between Christmas and New Year's was busy, fun, and full of family. We always pack in as much as possible, partly because Rachel is visiting and we like the cousins to see as much of each other as possible, partly because school is out, and partly because we're crazy like that and we enjoy running ourselves ragged.... or something.
Before I do a quick recap though, I realized I didn't post my Christmas card this year. I did little postcards this year, and I thought they turned out pretty cute. Pink Pearl Photography designed them.
So yeah.... first things first is after Christmas shopping! Because, you know, we didn't get enough stuff on Christmas Day and we need more. Actually, I just love the sales. And I can justify buying stuff since my birthday is a month after Christmas and I always say, "This will just be for my birthday".... it works, yes?
I have really missed this tradition with Andy's sisters. Only Jenny was missing this year, and we had a great time shopping, chatting, and eating. I love my Collette family.
That evening we went to Chuck-A-Rama with my entire Jerman side of the family. No pictures, but it was fun to see all of my cousins and aunts and uncles that I rarely get to see. We don't do much with that side, so it's fun that my grandma has this holiday party every year so I get to catch up with them.
The next day we headed to the dollar movie for Hotel Transylvania. Because nothing says Christmas break like a Halloween flick. It was me, my mom, Rach, Annette, and all our kiddos. Cute movie.

That evening my parents had planned a married couples get together for my siblings, so Kaylie and Suzanne weren't invited. They have to get married first ;) Actually, they weren't invited because we went to dinner and then went to the temple to do sealings for family names. It was a fun evening. I mostly just love to be with my family (even if I was in a bad mood and pretty cranky.... sorry family!)
The next morning, Rachel and I planned a little get together breakfast for all of our childhood friends. It's great to get together at Christmas time because a lot of them are in Utah visiting family. Only a few were able to come, but it was really fun to catch up and talk about the old days.
The next day, we all went over to my mom's and had oursleves a party. We had pizza for dinner and then Papa took us sledding behind the 4 wheeler. We played in the snow and froze our bums off.

 I adore my daddy

Hot chocolate brought the feeling back to our bums.

On Monday (New Year's Eve), we all got together to eat pizza (again...) and go bowling. My mom planned this activity, and I have to say that she is so wonderful for planning such fun things for us to do together. The kids had a great time. They were all so cute with each other. I love that my kids are so close with their cousins.


 After that, the Rachel and I met up with Kaylie and Suzanne and we had oursleves a sisters sushi lunch. It was fabulous.


That night we were ready to Par-Tay! We went over to the Collette's for a bit to say hi and see everyone and then we went over to my parent's house for food, games, and fun. Ever since Andy and I have had children, we realize that our partying days* will be over, for awhile at least. But, we can still have fun, even with little kids! And we do :)

 Even when they fall asleep on me at 11:45. So sweet.
 The rest of them made it to midnight and rang in the New Year the old fashioned way. We banged pots and pans, had a toast of Martinelli's to the New Year, and I got a kiss from my lover. Goodbye 2012, and Welcome 2013.
The next day was the last day the kids were out of school, so we went to Classic Skating. I hadn't been there in years, but I used to go to this place at least once a month growing up. It was fun to rollerblade again. It is a great workout!



That evening I kissed my babies goodnight and decided to really say goodbye to 2012 and take down my Christmas. It made me a little sad, which was new. I usually enjoy getting back to the normal, but I just enjoyed Christmas and New Year's so much this year. I wasn't quite ready for it to end.



Right as I was finishing up, Rachel called and told me that she and Kaylie were coming to get me to go to Leatherby's. Well, I'll tell you what, that cheered me right back up :)
I had the Black and White Sundae, and we split some cheese fries. My oh my... it was the perfect end to a fabulous week.
*I mean, not like we're party animals or anything, but you know what I mean.... partying with other adults, instead of with little kiddies :)

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