Monday, January 12, 2009

Baron's 9 Month Check-up

We went to the doctor today for Baron and Daphne's well child exam's. I'll post more about Daphne's later, along with her birthday, which is tomorrow. Baron's stats are as follow's:

weight: 23 pounds 3 oz. (90th percentile)

length: 30 inches (90th percentile)

head: 18.1 inches (72nd percentile)

So, he's slowing down a bit in the growing department, but there is a reason. The dr. checked his hematocrit and it was low, which means Bear is anemic. I'm going to have to start him on an iron supplement and the dr. thinks that this is the reason he has been more cranky than usual and also why he hasn't started crawling (he does the army crawl and can get around fine, but it's not really considered "crawling") I can't wait to see the difference. Jonah also had this problem (it must be in our genes- I'm also anemic when I am pregnant) and after a month on supplements, he was a whole differnt baby, so I'm excited to see if it helps Bear and gets me my sweet baby back!

Baron is so much fun, even though he can be a stinker sometimes. He is a total Momma's Boy and wants me at all times. Whenever Andy's got him and he walks by me, Baron will lunge out of his arms to get to me. He is so funny and he tries to "talk" to us already. He will say "eeooeeooeeooeeoo" and stare right at you like he's telling you something very important. He also does this hilarious little game where he growls at you and if you growl back he will do it back and so on. He loves it and does it about 10 times a day. Another funny thing he does is click his tongue when he sees food. He continues clicking until you give hima bite of whatever it is you are eating. He is so happy in the morning and almost never cries. He will sit in his crib and play until I go get him and then he is all smiles and when I pick him up he snuggles into my shoulder and squeezes me. I adore him and I cannot believe my baby is 9 months old already. He is such a sweetheart and I don't want him to grow up anymore! He is also enormous and is in size 18-24 month clothing and has a size 4-5 shoe. He will be caught up to Daphne in no time. We all love our little Bear. He's such a perfect addition to our family.

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Brian and Becca said...

Mckenzie was anemic as a baby too. She was more cranky and seemed two take forever to crawl compared to Madi maybe thats why. I can't believe what a big boy he is time fly's!!