Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tea Party

Laylah sliding the cookies in to bake

The other day the kids and I decided to have a tea party. Laylah had received a teeny tiny teaset for Christmas and wanted to put it to use. She made some sugar cookies with her easy-bake oven, and also melted chocolate chips to dip them in. Then we made some hot chocolate. She set up the table and the kids had a fun little tea party. I was the maid who had to refill their cups 20 times because they are so little and after one sip the liquid is gone :) They had a ton of fun talking with funny accents and drinking their "tea" and telling me, the "mom maid" what to do.
The cookies, which are tiny to begin with, were even too big for the plate!

Chocolate face (and nap hair... ugh!- seriously, why do I even bother DOING the hair???...)

Oh so dainty

This is what I did with Baron while we partied... gave him licorice. Hey, I don't want to hear I'm a bad mom because I give my not quite 9 month old candy. He was quiet for HALF AN HOUR! Whatever works, right?

And just look how happy it made him!

Laylah cleaning up her teaset afterwards


Lisa said...

I'd never call you a bad Mom for giving your baby licorice. Really, you have 4 kids, you obviously know what you are doing and it's a must to give your kids treats at times just to get them to be quiet! It looks like you all had a fun tea party.

Brian and Becca said...

That looks like so much fun. I don't think your a bad mom just cause you gave you kid licorice. I do that sometimes too :)