Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Go Utes!!

Watching the game... see Baron's highchair? He even dragged it into the family room to feed Bear so he wouldn't miss one second of the game
Jumping up and down cheering. I told him he should be a cheerleader and I could teach him a few moves

This is for Andy. His beloved Utes won the Sugar Bowl! It was so funny. From the beginning of the game when Utah scored their first touchdown Andy was running around yelling and jumping up and down. He made Baron cry 3 times! I finally had to take all the kids downstairs to play. They were a little frightened of their Daddy :)

Sugar Bowl tickets... $200

Airfare to New Orleans... $500

Hotel in New Orleans... $300

Watching the game on TV with a bag of chips, screaming kids, and a nagging wife... Priceless!

Andy would have LOVED more than anything to go to the game, but he thought it might be selfish after he added up the cost. I told him I didn't mind, but he stayed home with us anyway... what a great guy.


Brian and Becca said...
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Brian and Becca said...

What a nice guy to stay home with you and the kids. Tell Andy I give him a pat on the back