Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fun in the Sun

Ohhhhh, but I do love spring. I love the mild temperatures, the new beauty all around, and the rain. I love that it is time to get up, and get out. Of the house, that is. And we have been doing just that. Since March when temps began to creep up into the high 60's, 70's, and 80's (we have even been in the 90's a few times!) we have been getting out of the house and having a blast.

A few weeks ago, some good friends invited us for a dinner picnic at the park and to also show us a new pond they had found. It was quite magical crossing the field of wildflowers, hiding in the tall grass, and walking through an enchanted (okay, well, it seemed enchanted ;) forest to get to the beautiful, full-of-life pond that awaited us.Jonah had to bring his boat to try out. It started to run out of batteries and luckily it was close enough to wade in and grab it.

That started a little fiasco of everyone kicking off their shoes and becoming sufficiently soaked by the time we were ready to leave.

I love this photo. A nice reminder of the magical evening. We'll definitely be back to that little piece of heaven in the woods.

Family walks and bike rides have become almost a daily occurence.

Everyone in our neighborhood calls Andy the "cool dad" as he cruises down the street on his longboard. Hey, I'm the one who gave it to him for Christmas several years ago, shouldn't I be the cool one?!

I simply love this pink tree in my front yard. Especially the fragrance wafting through my open windows.

Bear having a lesson in long-boarding

Jonah having a lesson on mowing the lawn

Magnus having a lesson on entertaining himself

One particulary hot day the kids, along with their best buddies next door, whipped out their swimsuits and sprinklers for the first time this year and spent all morning running through the yard, playing with the hose, getting dirty in the mud, and having a picnic lunch on the deck.

Ahhhh, I love spring. That being said-I am already hating the bugs that come with it. How much longer 'til winter??

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