Saturday, May 14, 2011

Half A Year Old

My bitty little baby has turned into a big, gigantic tubby. He is my biggest baby at this age to date. I don't want him to get any bigger. I would be completely happy freezing him at this stage and age forever. I am completely and absolutely smitten with my baby boy. He is growing up much too quickly for my liking.

M at 6 months:

-Weighs 22 pounds (off the charts)

-29 1/2 inches long (off the charts)

-Has decided he loves babyfood. He is such a little piglet and it still shocks me how much he eats daily. As soon as he sees me get out the babyfood and a spoon, he wiggles around like crazy and gets so excited until that food is being shoveled into his mouth. If I'm not fast enough, he starts screaming. It's the same thing with nursing-as soon as I sit down with him on my lap, he freaks out until he's actually eating. We moved onto 2nd baby foods and he eats 2 veggies and 2 fruits a day. He also has a big giant bowl of rice cereal in the morning and he continues to nurse about 5 times a day. He still refuses bottles.

-I had to start buying size 4 diapers right before he turned 6 months. The 3's just weren't cutting it anymore.

-He wears 12-18 month clothing

-He is out of his infant seat. We bought him a new carseat this last week.

-He can't sit-up yet, but he rolls all over the place and can scoot to get to something he wants. He loves to be on his tummy and when I lay him down for bed, he immediately rolls over to his stomach.

-He got his first 2 teeth around 5 1/2 months and since then has cut 2 more, which makes me incredibly sad. Babies with their top teeth just don't look much like babies anymore.

-He loves toys and will play contently for long periods of time. He also loves his swing, even though he is out-growing it quickly.

-He takes two 2 hour naps during the day and sleeps a solid 12 hours through the night.

-He still refuses binky's (even though I still try to give them to him, haha) and he sucks his thumb occasionally. He mostly chews on it, along with anything else he touches. Everything always ends up in his mouth.

-He is such a happy, smiley, laughy baby. He used to be very serious, but now he's to the point where, if you even glance at him, his face breaks into a huge grin and he "talks" to everyone. If you say anything to him, he immediately answers back with some sort of noise or grunt or screech. He laughs at everything and has the most hilarious, vibrating laugh. It's really funny.

-Somewhere around 4-5 months all of his hair fell out in patches, so I gave him his first haircut and now it's just really short all over.

-We like to joke that's he's the Michelin Man because of all of his rolls all over his squishable arms and legs.

-He will already watch movies. Jonah was my only other kid who would actually sit and watch tv at this age. I gotta admit, I really like it. I rarely do it, but it's so nice to know he's content and happy when I am in the shower or doing hair, or whatever I need to get done for a few minutes.

-Andy swears he can say "Momma" I don't think so, but Andy says that whenever I'm gone and Magnus gets sad, he'll say it and look around for me. Hmmmm....

-Continues to bring happiness and love into our home. He is such a good baby and we all adore him and none of us can get enough. I could just squeeze him and kiss his big, fat cheeks all day long.

Happy 6 months baby boy. We love you!


Rachel said...

Oh, he's so sweet!! I love those leg rolls! What a cutie! I can't believe his stats!!! Impressive. :)
Congrats to Andy on his new job, I am sure that is a huge relief.
And I love the post on your trip to the magic pond and meadow. No wonder you don't want to move back to Utah!

Sarah said...

This makes me miss him and I don't even know him! Bring him to me!!!