Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just For Funsies

I have a lot of things I'd like to catch up on on this old blog-a-roo. I have a list of things to post about. I never even finished my "Mother's Week". I will, but, the fact of the matter is, I just have not been up for it lately. And I have lots of laundry to do. And dishes to wash. And food to cook. And also, I'm pretty darn lazy. Or exhausted. Whichever. I know, I complain and complain when other people don't blog, and whenever I don't, I could care less. Of course, I don't hear anyone complaining when I don't blog, sooo....there ya go :)

Moving on... I was doing my hair today (bent over from the waist down with the blow dryer on high) and realized that I have had a billion (okay, maybe 15) people find out that I have naturally curly hair since moving to VA and ask me (okay, tell me) about wearing it curly instead of straightening it every day. They wonder WHY the heck I don't just leave it curly. I explain that it isn't a "pretty" curly, it is a "nasty" curly. Like, stuck-your-finger-in-a-light-socket-curly. Not to mention frizzy because I insist on being a fake blonde. And because of the humidity here, it is just a million times worse than it ever was in Utah.

No one ever believes me. They say, "Oh, c'mon, it can't be that bad. I'm sure you're exaggerating. You should just do it! I bet it is so cute!" And so on and so forth, and more ridiculous things like that. Well, I decided to be daring and have proof of how ugly it actually is. I should have been a mom in the 80's. I would have been so cool.

*slight disclaimer:I do not take pictures of myself but on rare occasion. I always feel incredibly awkward and I always feel like I look weird. That being said, here is a weird/awkward self-portrait :)Ummmmm, yeah. There's my windblown, natural curly hair in all it's glory. Hot stuff I tell ya. Hot stuff.

Okay, and here it is after I have round brushed it and flat-ironed it with the BEST flat iron out there (trust me, I do hair for a living, k? :)

*Ahem* Which do you prefer?

P.S. I told you I was exhausted.... check out the bags under my eyes. Awesome. Does anyone have any suggestions for those? They seem to be my constant companions these days....


Rachel H said...

I totally vote for hot 80's mama. You would have been the coolest chick on the block. I feel your pain, dear sister. Mine is only slightly less scary, and I'm in humidity free Las Vegas.

Jasmyn said...

Oh, I love your posts, Sarah. They always make me laugh! And I totally vote for 80s mama--so cool right now. :)

Chris and Brittani Knudsen said...

I actually think it looks darling curly...but love it straight too! I feel ya about the finger in the socket, that is how I feel when I do my hair curly too!

Ashlie said...

You are stinkin' gorgeous either way:o)