Saturday, May 14, 2011

Three Bald Boys


So, I just did a bunch of posts and I am still not caught up on all of the things I'd like to post and have record of. I guess I should count myself lucky that Daphne came into my room at 3 AM to inform me that Bear had thrown up on the playroom floor and he was now lying in it, asleep (the 4 kiddos had a movie night in the playroom and they were all in their sleeping bags on the floor). After I gave him a bath and a bowl (and scrubbed the carpet in the playroom, and threw a load of yucky sleeping bags and jammies in the washer) I turned a movie on for him. He continued to throw-up every half hour or so, so I just sat here and blogged, helped him when he needed it, and then came back to blogging. Is this too much information? Yes, I thought so. Sorry. Just wanted to let you know in case you notice tons of typos and/or sentances that make no sense whatsoever. Did that sentance just make sense? I thought not.

Here, I'll leave this image in your head instead of a pukey one:Summer is upon us and my 3 boys are shaved bald as per our summer tradition. So dang cute and so much easier.

Happy Weekend!

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Chris and Brittani Knudsen said...

So cute! So sorry to hear about Baron...him and Lydia must have the same but, what a bummer!