Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Motherhood: A Big Decision

Laylah (minutes old) and Me (20), May 2003

The Beginning of my Motherhood Adventure

Becoming a mother is a really big decision. It is one that will surely and forever change your life. For the most part, it is our own choice, a decision we make with our spouse when we decided to start a family. Once in awhile, we get a little surprise (surprises are wonderful things; I myself happen to love surprises ;) and when that incredible tiny being, whether surprise or otherwise, is placed in our arms, we can't imagine life any other way.

For me, motherhood wasn't something I had planned on dabbling in any time soon when I became a bride at the tender, young age of 19. I thought we would take our time and wait awhile, have some adventures, finish school, have at least some sort of stable income, enjoy our marriage together, and just do life the "normal" way most people do it. Of course, I rarely do anything "normal", I always was one to do my own thing. You know, try to stand out a little and get some attention. Be unique and different, that sort of thing ;) That is where THIS post comes in. I wrote it back when I was diagnosed with my auto-immune disorder. I had never really understood the WHY of how our family came to be. I just tried my best to listen to the whisperings of the spirit and do well to follow the direction we were led in as husband and wife. I am so incredibly grateful I did. Although my life has not gone the way I ever pictured it, I would never change a thing. Of course it has been hard and being a young mother of so many little children these days is quite the challenge. Well, I am up for it. I take on the challenge whole-heartedly and head on. I love my life, trials and all (remind me of this the next time a big challenge comes my way, okay?). I am very blessed and I adore my family, husband and children. We are so happy together and I've never enjoyed life as much as I do as a mother.

Especially as a mother freshly back from a weekend away with my hubby. I think it's time for one of those get-aways soon... honey? Are you reading this...??

Teehee :)

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