Thursday, May 5, 2011

Motherhood: Organized Chaos, A Day in the Life of a Mother

Going along with my Motherhood Themed Week, I wanted to have record of an average day in my life. Of course, because Daphne is only at school 3 days a week, it is different from day to day. But I did an average day when she goes to school and I'm driving carpool. Anyway, I think it'll be fun to look back on when I forget in a few years....

My Typical Day

6:45 AM-Up and at 'em. Roll out of bed to the floor to say my prayers. I really need those prayers, literally every day. I actually pray all day long.

7 AM-Go in to the darling babbling sounds in the baby's room. Greeted with a big, slobbery grin. I scoop the baby out of the crib and fall into my favorite chair to nurse.

7:15-Set baby up in his swing or Bumbo with toys. Turn off cartoons (the other 4 kids have been up for about 1/2 hour. They watch cartoons until it's time to get ready for school) and get Laylah, Jonah, and Daphne's clothes out and set them to getting ready for school. They get dressed, make their beds, make sure their room's are clean and all of their stuff is put away.

7:35- Into the bathroom we go. Teeth get brushed, hair gets done (usually in this order-Jonah, Daphne, Laylah.... easiest to hardest)

7:50- Down to the kitchen. Make and eat breakfast (anything from cold cereal, toast and fruit to eggs and bacon to pancakes to oatmeal) and while the kids eat, I make lunches and prepare snacks.

8:10- Make sure backpacks are packed with homework, PE shoes, lunches, water bottles, snacks, etc. Kneel down and say family prayer.

8:15-8:20 (depending on how our morning has gone.... usually closer to 8:20. I am always running late :)- older 2 kids out the door to the bus stop. I usually stand on the porch (weather permitting) to watch them until they hop on the bus. They wave to me when they get on. Cutie pies.

8:30-Get Baron and M dressed, get myself ready for the gym, eat something, and out the door by 8:45.

8:50- Pick-up carpool for pre-school.

9:00- Drop-off preschool kiddos

9:15-10:30ish- Drop-off boys at gym daycare, go workout, pick-up boys from gym daycare. Out to the car to nurse M.

10:45-11:45- Run any quick errands before I need to go pick-up preschool kiddos.

12-pick-up pre-k and drive home (dropping carpool off on the way, all the while listening to cute little jibber-jabbering about what happened at preschool that day)

12:30- Arrive home and make lunch. Feed M some baby food while Daph and Bear eat. Eat something myself. Nurse M again. Get all 3 kids down for naps.

1:15- Shower.... FINALLY! Ahhh, but I do love my shower....

1:30-3:30- Laundry, straighten up, dishes, basically do whatever needs to be done around the house. My actual cleaning day is on Saturday though, so I just have to tidy up during the week. Also, this is my beloved free time, computer time, reading time, what-have-you. I love nap-time...

3:45-3:55-Kids up from naps (feed M some cereal, nurse once again), Lay and Jo home from school.

4:00-4:45- Homework and quiet reading time

4:45-6:00-Kids go run around outside and play with friends or ride bikes. When it's cold, they stay inside and have friends over, or they play the Wii or computer games. I make dinner, taking breaks to help break-up any disagreements, read a story or two, or play a quick game of Go Fish.

6-6:30- Eat dinner as a family. We talk about our day and school and how everyone is.

6:30-7:30-Family time. Go for a walk, play games, run around and play outside, go to the park, or watch a movie. Nurse M for the last time, quick bath, snuggles, and put him to bed.

7:30-8:00- Get kiddos ready for bed. Quick showers, brush teeth, make sure all of their stuff is cleaned up and ready for the next day. Family scripture study and prayer. Hugs and kisses, sing a song or two, kids in bed.

8:00-11ish.... sometimes later (I am a night owl and an early bird.... maybe that's why I'm tired all the time?!)- Clean up dinner, dishes, and anything else that needs to be cleaned up. Fold laundry, hang out with my Love, watch TV, eat popcorn, relax, listen to music, play games, get ready for bed. Scriptures, prayer, and lights out.

Wow, just writing it all down makes me tired. And that is just your average day. Like tonight, we met some friends at a pond, had a picnic for dinner, and went wading and looking for tadpoles. It was great! I just love being a mom and seeing my kids happy. It brings me true joy. I like to mix it up around here and have a lot of fun. And it feels really great when on the way home to get ready for bed the kids all said, "Thanks mom! That was so much fun!" Ahhh, love my kids. Love my family :)


Ashlie said...

You are one AMAZING Momma!

Amber Kei said...

Thank you for sharing this...I want to do the same thing and get it written down. It'll be good to look back and remember the crazy running around with kids that I'm doing now. Fall is going to be weird again with more changes.
P.S. I love your mother-week of posts!

Drea said...

Wow! Busy mom! I'm so glad that life is so wonderful! You are such an amazing mommy and such an example to me. :) Thanks for all your posts! I love to read them.