Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Glance at the Previous Week:

Sick kids. 4 of the 5 succumbed to the nastiness and I am still knocking on wood that Laylah doesn't get it just in time for her birthday tomorrow. If there is only 1 thing (okay, 2-the other being potty-training) I despise about mother-hood, it's the pukes.

They stink.... literally.

I'm still catching up on sleep. And now I'm off for a little Sunday nap....

Here's to a better week coming up!


Britt said...

No fun! Sick kids is really gross...and you just feel bad for them when they are miserable. Hope everyone is feeling normal soon! I am so happy Andy got a job and it only took 2 months. I'm sure it was the longest 2 months of your life, but there are many in worse situations right? We know what it's like, not fun! Hope he likes his new job!

The Jubbs said...

Yuck! The pukies are gross. Bella's only done it like twice, Evan never. We're going to keep hoping for that continued luck. One time I'm glad you're across the country, so my kids don't catch the nastiness :) Hope everyone feels better and Laylah has an awesome birthday today. See you soon! Yay!