Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Bear Lake and Lagoon for an End of Summer Hurrah!

 After Magnus' scan, we left straight from Primary Children's hospital, and we headed to Bear Lake for our End of Summer Hurrah! We stayed in Rachel's cabin at Bear Lake and I invited Cristan and her kiddos to come along too. If you're counting, that's 15 kids and 3 moms! Craziness Extraordinaire.

As soon as we arrived the kids headed to the beach and the water. Rachel and I got unpacked and settled (Cristan came up later that evening) and headed out to relax in the beautiful sunshine on the beach.

I headed out on a bike ride (still training) and it was absolutely gorgeous. I can't ever explain the feeling of peace and contentment I get from riding through amazing scenery, especially at sunset. It is indescribable.

After dinner, Jonah walked out to the beach with me in the fading sunlight. It was perfect.

S'mores time!

Cristan arrived and chaos ensued. As we tried to get all of the kids settled, everyone was running around, chasing each other, yelling, and just being crazy in general. We finally got them all settled and Cristan and I stayed up until all hours of the night talking. Just like our good old sleepover days.

In the morning we made breakfast and the kids occupied themselves with games. They all got ready and headed to the beach.

Cristan brought her gel nails stuff and did all of our toes. I did everyone's nails.

The beach day was marvelous. I love Bear Lake. Kids played, we ate yummy food, we canoed, we built sand castles, we chased each other, we swam, we relaxed. Perfect. 

Cristan and I laughed. Way too much.

We decided to do a photoshoot in this sandcastle the kids dug out.

At the end of the day after most of the kids had headed up to the cabin, the girls left took a million jumping photos. So fun and FUNNY.

We headed to LaBeau's after dinner (naturally!) for shakes. So yum!

We got all the kids to bed when we got home and all of us moms fell into bed exhausted. It was a successful day at Bear Lake. 

The next morning we were up early to pack and clean up. It took a couple hours, but we got it all done and headed to Lagoon for the day! Cristan actually headed home, but Don and Andy met Rachel and me there for a day of fun. A million photos to follow!


Almost dry and then soaked again!

I sure LOVE this sister of mine. It was such a fun few days together with our kids. She is one of my most favorite people in the universe and I adore her completely. I'm so glad we can do these fun things together!

It was the perfect ending to what I dubbed the best summer ever. And it really was. Because as soon as school started and I started my new job, life changed in a big way. But I will always remember this summer and our Last Hurrah at Bear Lake and Lagoon the perfect ending to this perfect summer.

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