Monday, December 19, 2016

Camping with the Collette's at Pineview Res

 Andy's family has a summer tradition of going to the lake every year. We always go to Pineview Reservoir up Ogden Canyon, and sometime in the last couple years, instead of just going for a day, it became an overnight camping trip. Well, this year they decided to camp TWO nights. Soon enough it'll be a week... haha, jk. His parents always rent wave runners, we stake out a spot on the beach, and we just let the kids play all day while the adults sit and veg, chat, and take kids on wave runner rides. 

We arrived Monday afternoon (the kids and I) and got our tent all set up and everything situated. I had pre-made foil dinners that just needed to cook on the fire, so while they cooked I went and sat with tons of kids at the beach. After we ate dinner, Andy joined us (he couldn't spend the night because of work, so he just came every night for a couple hours after work) and I went on a bike ride (training for another race... )
I climbed up an incredibly steep grade. It took me 45 minutes to go 4 miles, and then I sailed down it in 5 minutes. It was a great ride, though. And beautiful! I couldn't stop taking photos.

I got back to camp and everyone was getting ready for bed. I snapped this one of my sweet boys. The girls slept with cousins in other tents.
 I slept so great on my nice, thick foam pad :)

Next day was beach day! Tons of cousins, sand, water, fun... what more could a kid ask for?! They all had a blast.

That night, after dinner, I went on another ride. This time I rode the entire circumference of the lake, about 15 miles, It was a great ride and so, so beautiful. 
 That night, after Andy left, all of the adults stayed up super late talking around the campfire. We had some interesting discussions. Andy's family is different and there are tons of varying opinions on so many things. It was definitely not boring, that's for sure. I finally got to bed and slept like a rock.

 We had to get up bright and early and get all packed up the next morning because Daphne had a soccer game for a tournament. I am so glad the kids had such a fun time with all of their cousins. It was definitely a great camping trip.

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