Sunday, December 4, 2016

Jonah's Ordination

 My baby boy received the priesthood! I know these things happen, and it's natural and normal for children to grow up, but it is especially crazy to have my own kids going through things that I just never felt like would actually happen. Because they still seems so little to me. It's just surreal. 

But we are very proud of him and his choice to be ordained. He was looking forward to this day for so long and couldn't wait to  be able to help pass the sacrament with the other deacons in sacrament meeting. He has since done it every week and does a terrific job. I am just so proud of him. 

To help prepare him, the week before his ordination, we had a special Family Home Evening about the priesthood and what a special gift it is. We talked about the responsibilities that come along with this gift and explained what is expected of a priesthood holder. It was a great night to better explain to all of our children the blessings of the priesthood that we are privileged to have in our life. 

He had a lot of support from grandparents at his ordination. There was a very special spirit in the room and I was very emotional to see Andy lay his hands upon Jonah's head and give him the blessing and gift of the priesthood. It was lovely.

And afterwards, of course... pictures!

 Great grandmothers Marge and Darlene

 Grandma Claudia

 Silly Grandma and Grandpa Collette

 Oh, that's better!

Proud parents!

 And silly dad

 It was a terrific day. We had gotten home late the night before from camping and I was planning on doing a special dinner and invite the grandparents, but I didn't get that planned in time. Luckily, one of Jonah's good friends in the ward, Eli, was also ordained that day. Their birthdays are only a couple weeks apart and my friend Julie (Eli's mom) invited us to celebrate all together and we all had a special dinner together at their house. 

I had also planned on getting Jonah a new tie and tie tack for his first day of passing the sacrament, but that didn't get done either! Ugh. Sometimes life is just too crazy and my best laid plans fall by the wayside. But I have informed him that it will be happening at some point, haha. Now I need to still find the perfect tie and tie tack and hopefully get it for him before his 13th birthday!

Congratulations, Jonah! We are so proud of you!

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