Monday, December 19, 2016

Mighty Magnus' Scan Day

 In the middle of August it was time for another scan for Magnus. It just blows my mind how brave he has gotten. He was a rock star.

The timing of this one was tricky, because we had to reschedule it. I had originally done it a week later, but had to reschedule because the school district changed the first day of school to the day his scan was originally scheduled. Well, I couldn't have him miss his first day of kindergarten, so we had to reschedule it to the day we were heading out of town for Bear Lake with Rachel and Cristan. 

I had packed the car up for Bear Lake the night before, got up at 5 AM to pack the cooler, got Mag up at 6 AM to get him ready, and we had to be to Riverton hospital by 7 AM. They got him all prepped and ready. He was so brave and barely even cried when he got his IV. He got to pick a prize and was so excited.
 Waiting, waiting, always waiting.

 Ready to go in!

Sleepy Meds? Check! They always make him so pale, it's a little scary. 

 His actual scan took about 45 minutes.

He always takes forever to wake up in recovery. I let him slept for a bit, but because we were on a time crunch I finally got him awake and eating and drinking, so we could go.

Back to the car! Such a cutie.

After that we had to go get the kids at home. They came with us up to Primary Children's hospital and went to the playroom while Mag and I went up to the cancer clinic to see his oncologist. We waited for quite awhile, but she finally came in to do her assessment. She told me she hadn't gotten results from the MRI at Riverton Hospital yet, but that she would call me as soon as she got them. I told her I was headed out of town and to leave a message if I didn't answer. I felt good about it all, but was a little nervous results hadn't come in yet. And with that, she sent us on our way (after deeming Magnus an excellent, smart, and healthy boy.)

We went and grabbed the kids in the playroom and headed out to the car to go to Bear Lake!

Mag's oncologist must have called while we were headed through the canyon because as soon as we came over the hill and into the valley where Bear Lake is, my phone dinged with a voicemail. It was Dr. Bruggers and she had great news! Everything was clean and looked great, no sign of re-occurence. Woohoo! Best news ever, and that meant we could completely enjoy our vacation, which was our last hurrah before school started!

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