Sunday, December 4, 2016

Jonah's First Temple Trip

 Andy and I were able to take Jonah to the temple for his very first time! My mom had given him some family names that he could do. We took him to the Draper Temple because our temple, Jordan River, is closed for a couple years while they make some improvements to it.
 Got his temple recommend!

 He had such a wonderful experience and said he loved it so much. I wasn't able to do baptisms with him, but they did let me dress in white and stand by the font and watch while Andy perform the baptism. After they were done, I was able to give give him his towel. Andy also got to participate in the confirmations and I was able to be in the room as well. It was so wonderful and such a great experience. We have been many more times since and I am a proud mama that I have two kids that can go to the temple so often together.

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