Sunday, December 4, 2016

Magnus Swimming Lessons

 Magnus had his first ever session of swimming lessons in July. My oldest three kids have all had lessons over the years and they are all excellent swimmers. Baron has never had lessons, and he struggles a bit, but he can manage. 

Well, I heard about this lady that does lessons at her house in her backyard and I also heard she's amazing. And SHE IS! Magnus used to be pretty scared of the water. He is very comfortable with a life jacket on, but he will barely get in the water without one. She had him swimming across the pool on the first day! It was amazing to watch. 

After that, I wished I had signed up Bear for lessons as well. I will definitely have to next year to help him improve his stroke and stamina in the water. 

Check this kid out:

He successfully passed off the level he was doing and will be ready to move up next summer. It made me so happy to see him doing something he loved and doing it well, and I think we just may encourage this to be his sport, as we don't want him in anything that can cause head trauma.

 Way to go, Mag! You are awesome!

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