Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mighty Magnus' Parade of Homes Wish Room Reveal

 If you remember several posts ago, I mentioned how Magnus was one of about 20 wish kids from Make A Wish that was chosen to participate in the Parade of Homes fundraiser. Edge Homes (the incredible builder doing the house that M's wish room was in) gathered information about Magnus' wish trip (a cruise to the Caribbean) and decorated a room in their Parade Home that was based on Magnus' wish. 

Well, the day finally came where they revealed the room to us! It was so very exciting! We were able to tour the house first, and then when the camera crew was ready, they had Magnus go into the room. His reaction was shock, elation, and excitement. It was pretty cute.

When I mention camera crew, they had a crew waiting to film his reaction and also interview us. I guess they are debuting a new television show that will air next year sometime called The Parade of Homes Show. Each episode will feature a home in the parade and talk about the entire process from start to finish. For the homes that were involved with a Wish Kid and built a Wish Kid Room, they wanted to interview the families and see their reaction at the room reveal. More on that later.

Part of the huge surprise that we didn't know about until we went to the reveal was that they were going to give Magnus everything in the room after the Parade of Homes finished! I just about burst into tears. It was so sweet and generous. I automatically assumed all of the Parade Home Builders must do that for the wish kids, but I later found out they don't. That is unique to Edge Homes and we are so thankful for their generosity to our boy.And in addition to giving us everything they used to decorate the room, they also offered to come shiplap Magnus' entire room at our house. However, since we rent, we had to turn them down :( So sad.

Magnus was looking in every direction, just taking it all in. So many perfect details. The designers are amazing.

This is Jared and Kate. Jared was the contractor on the house and Kate was the designer of the room/home.

Camera crew! We told Magnus' story multiple times, they asked us questions, they talked to each of the kids, they got different angles... it was a little exhausting. I would never want to be on TV. How boring!

Edge gave us a huge bin full of Edge Homes merchandise. It had sunglasses, hats, beanies, sweatshirts, water bottles, smart watches (like a fit bit), and more. They were so good to us.

After we wrapped the taping, we headed into the garage where there was a soft serve ice cream machine. We had told them that one of Magnus' favorite things about the cruise was the all-you-can-eat ice cream at any time of day. They incorporated that into the home and put an ice cream machine in the garage. Loved it!

After we were done, Jared (the contractor) told us there was an open house down the street that Edge Homes was doing and they had hired Cup Bop food truck (one of our very FAVES) to come and serve the people viewing the homes. They also had a cotton candy machine, and other treats. We headed over, got some lunch, had some treats, toured some model homes, and just had such a fun afternoon.

It was such a great day. Edge Homes is seriously amazing and we had the best experience working with them. They just loved Magnus and treated him like royalty. Jared and Kate were incredible to work with. I could not recommend Edge Homes more! What a great company that loves their clients. Thank you, Edge Homes, Jared, and Kate!

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