Friday, July 3, 2015

I Had a Little Accident

 Let me tell you a little story...

When I was in high school my dad gave me a little red Acura Integra to drive. I absolutely loved that little car. And people I didn't even know from highschool would say to me, "Oh, you drive that red Acura, right?" when I would meet them or introduce myself or whatever. Anyway, because I loved it so much, I decided to buy myself one when it came time to buy my first car. My dad and I searched and searched for the perfect Acura and test drove a whole bunch. I am a picky picky girl and I know exactly what I want. So when my dad called me up really excited one day, telling me he had found just what I wanted, I could not have been more thrilled-- side note: Do I not have THE BEST dad ever? I sure love him.

It was a maroon 4 door Acura Integra fully loaded with all of the bells and whistles. It was a nice car, especially for my 18-year-old self. And I loved it so much! Well, I drove that car around like I owned the world. I thought I was pretty hot stuff, haha.

Well, approximately 6-8 months after I bought the car, I was driving along the freeway on my way to Provo to go to class when all of the sudden the car started shaking out of control. I tried to steady it, but to no avail. I was going 75 miles an hour and I swung left right into the barrier seperating me from oncoming traffic. I slammed hard into the barrier a few times before flipping upside down and doing a full 360 rotation and landing back on all 4 tires and then proceeded to careen across all 4 lanes of freeway traffic, somehow avoiding hitting any other car and slamming into the opposite side's freeway barrier, which kept me from sailing down an embankment. My air bags deployed and I was in so much shock I just sat there for a minute before doing anything else. I only finally repsonded to someone when several people who I had assumed witnessed the accident screamed, "No one is responding, whoever is in there must be dead or unconscious! Call an ambulance!" I yelled out that I was in fact okay and I didn't think I needed an ambulance. I couldn't get out, the door was jammed shut, but I did make it out the other side okay.

Long story short (maybe I'll share the rest of that story another time! Maybe I should do a post about what a terrible driver I am. Oh wait, I think I have done that recently....) my Acura was totaled and I have never been so sad to lose a car. (Also, PS I feel like I was incredibly blessed not to die that day. I'll post photos of the car sometime. I really probably should have been seriously injured at least. I'd like to say that I was watched over and I feel like it definitely was not my time to go.)

Fast forward to several months ago when Andy and I were finally car shopping for a new-to-us car. We have had The Beast for nearly 13 years and it was time! I was finally getting a new car! I had researched and read everything I could about what I wanted. Like I said, I love Acuras.  So I chose to get an Acura MDX. We found the perfect one and bought it last December. I posted about it a few months ago.

Well, come May (the same month I had wrecked and totaled my last Acura) I was flipping a U-turn right in front of my kid's school when BAM! I was slammed into by this magical car that was nowhere to be seen 2 seconds before and yet it came out of nowhere and hit my front end with such force that all of my side airbags deployed. In fact, she hit me so hard that after slamming into me, the force dragged both of us across two lanes of traffic and up on the lawn on the opposite side of the street. It was quite shocking, to say the least.

And luckily we were both just fine (minus airbag burns on my shoulder and her arm) but our cars were definitely not. They were both totaled out by the insurance companies and that is how I totaled my second Acura. Apparently the month of May and Acuras and I just don't mix.

Is it just bad luck? Maybe. Should I never buy another Acura again since I am 2 for 2 of car accidents for the ones I have owned? Probably. But I still love them and I figure third time is the charm, so just last weekend we went and bought ourselves another Acura MDX. And I love it. And I sure hope we can keep it for 13 years like we have done with The Beast. And I promised Andy I wouldn't ever drive it in the month of May. (Oh my.... What a patient, loving man I married, haha!)

No more car accidents! I've had enough to last way too many lifetimes.

(Plus, our insurance has tripled. Yikes.)

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Lisa said...

I'm glad you are ok Sarah! Accidents are scary. You've had enough trauma in your life.