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May, You Nasty Devil, You!

 Oh, wow. Going through my May photos has been quite an experience. May is the craziest month ever! It's busier than Christmas around here! This post is forever long and it is such a small part of what we did in May. I think I have 5 other events from the month of May (not included here) that are so detail oriented that they will have to be their own post. This post is kind of just the leftover stuff, but still stuff that I want to remember.

 Anyway! We went to the aquarium with Hope Kids. It was so busy there and I only got a few photos. Andy had to work. I invited Rachel's family but we got separated. I hadn't ever been to the new one. It was pretty sweet.
 Magnus wanted his picture with that tiny, squishy pink jellyfish up near the top right corner. 

Also, these jellyfish too.

Our whole fam minus the dad. The two boys were being punks about getting our picture taken.

We went to get frozen yogurt afterwards. Such a fun night.

Still loving my red hair, but I changed it recently, so I just wanted to document it where I could! It was a fun color :)

We went to SO. Many. Soccer. Games. in May.

There's Bear!

We had an abnormal amount of rain in the month of May and I absolutely loved it. But we had a lot of canceled soccer games as well as make-up games and by the end of the month I was over the rain (and now I want it back!) because I just wanted soccer to end and stop having games canceled!

I was able to go on a fun field trip with Daphne to the zoo. 

Okay, these photos somehow got out of order while I was loading them on this post. This was actually near the end of May. It was an assembly at the kids school to recognize the awesome readers. Every one of my kids was called up and Daphne had the most reading points in the entire school! I was so very proud of my little readers :) Oh, and then Baron also got Reader of the Month for may. 
 Baron (green shorts)

 Jonah (red shorts)

Laylah (red pants)

 Daphne (far left)

 And Baron getting Reader of the Month award (those kids next to him are all in 1st grade as well, just to give you an idea of how dang TALL Bear is.)

This actually happened later as well, but whatever. We let the girls get some guinea pigs. They are cute and fun and STINKY! I make the girls clean their cage every day. They are very good about taking care of them. Unfortunately, Rosie (Laylah's, the white one) died a couple weeks ago. We have no idea why, but think it may have been a respiratory infection by her behavior. Laylah was sad, but now they share Princess (the brown on.)

We had a lovely funeral for her and everyone said a few words :) Andy buried her in the backyard.
 Goodbye, Rosie

Baron's class did power-point presentations on anything they chose and Baron did his on honeybees. It was so much fun to watch him do his entire presentation by himself and see his slides that he made all on his own. I learned a few things I didn't know. I love this kid so much. He is getting to be so much fun.

Laylah's 6th grade had a world fair and she chose Spain as her country. Andy went to Spain on his mission so she was able to learn a lot from him for her report.

Magnus completed his first year of preschool! He's only been going since March but he really seemed to like it. His class did a darling program but I recorded the whole thing and didn't take any photos. So here he is with his teachers.

And soccer finally ended! Trophies for all! Haha. At least the rec kids.

Neither Rachel nor I realized that we were signing up our 4 year old's for soccer so Liam and Magnus didn't get on the same team. But they played against each other a couple times. Liam is a spitfire and scores a ton of goals. And then there's slow poke Magnus who doesn't even know what's going on, hahaha.

Laylah played with some friends this year and one of her friend's dad's was their coach. They were undefeated and had an awesome team. They were co-ed and she LOVED having cute boys on her team. She scored a lot and isn't very rusty from her days as a soccer girl. She still has some skillz.

Baron, and of course his two best friends in our neighborhood, Easton and Ezra. Their team was pretty decent as well.

 And I don't have pictures of this, but just for record's sake...  Jonah, Daphne, and Baron tried out for comp soccer again. And they all three made it! This next year is going to be even more crazy with 3 kids in soccer year round. I am proud of their hard work and determination. Never thought I'd be a soccer mom. But I always seem to become the things that I never thought I would, so.... yeah. It's all good :)

One night I was really stressed about all the stuff going on and Andy bought home these treats and a redbox and we had a movie night. If I can get a recharge like that every once in awhile, I am good to go for another few weeks. Love that hubby of mine.

 This is totally out of order as well. Not really sure what's going on with this post. Whatever. We went to  reptile expo courtesy of Hope Kids. It was an absolute blast to see all of the different reptiles, amphibians, spiders, and other various animals at the expo. It was so much fun and the kids loved it.

 giant boa

 We love snakes!

The boys talked us into a tortoise. We bought this little guy who is actually full grown and about 7 or 8 years old. He is a Russian Tortoise and they named him Bowser. He is so cute and fun.

Magnus, just driving home from church one day. I remember when my dad used to let me sit on his lap and "drive". I love watching Andy do the same fun things with our kids :)

 Laylah's 6th grade teacher retired at the end of the school year. She had been teaching for 29 years! We love Mrs. Haun. We attended her retirement party at the school that took place before school got out for the summer.

Playing with Bowser outside

Bear went on a fun field trip to the planetarium. I was supposed to chaperone but couldn't at the last minute. I was sad to miss it. I was glad his teacher sent me this cute photo of his class on Mars ;)

Laylah had her junior high orientation. CRAZINESS that I will have a child in junior high next year! WHAT?!

 Found this gem from my cousins wedding almost 4 years ago. Long blonde hair. Weird.

 Also, no photos, but I wanted to document that Baron and Jonah were in a fishing club for a few weeks. They love to fish and have their own fishing pole and tackle box. They both hated the club though. They just like to fish on their own, they tell me. Noted. I won't ever sign them up for fishing club again.

Also, here we have the kid's school Fit Fun Run. It was a blast. And my kids are fast. They all ran 3 miles and most of them beat me.

Andy had to carry Magnus most of the way.

Fun morning together!

This kid has always had the gift of being able to fall asleep anywhere. I am pretty sure I have blogged about it before. I love it. He's so funny.

My mom got all the adults in my family together for a temple night/dinner. Those of us who are endowed did a sealing session with some family names that she had done genealogy work for. My two youngest sisters joined us for dinner, as well as Suzanne's boyfriend. It was such a fun night and how I love my family! They are fun.

As well as funny. My brother and my dad do not understand the obsession with checking your phone all the time. Here they are making fun of Don and Andy.

And on the last day of May I stayed up until 3 in the morning blowing up hundreds upon hundreds of balloons, both with water and air. The ones with water were for Baron's water party at school and the ones with air were for Laylah's 6th grade promotion of which I was in charge of the decorations. I made two balloon arches. It was crazy trying to fit them all in my car. 

My giant expedition was FULL of them and we had to make two trips.

It was scary driving to the school because I literally couldn't see out of any windows. Which isn't very safe since I had been in a car accident earlier in the month. But that's for another post.... :)

And that should complete this May's edition of blogging! Except for the many posts to come from May that require their very own posts. Stay tuned...

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