Thursday, July 16, 2015

Laylah turns 12

 After we got home from Laylah's birthday party and I had a nap, Andy and I took Laylah out to lunch and to her very first visit to the temple. It was her actual 12th birthday so she had to run over to the bishop's house and get her temple recommend. I could not be more proud of this little lady!

She chose sushi for lunch, of course :)

My mom had given us some family names to do and Andy was able to baptize both of us. It was so special, and just such a wonderful experience.

That evening we had Laylah's family party.

Her grandma Collette made her a new blanket! Her old one that she got when she was a baby is literally rags.

 My parents got her a gel nails kit and she was SO excited!

 This little gal is growing up. Andy and I got her a makeup kit and some perfume. I also "gave" her a shopping spree and she got lots of cute new clothes. And one last thing was a giftcard to JoAnne's so she can feed her passion for sewing. She hasn't had anything to sew but now she has gotten some fabric and thread so she can use her sewing machine again. As always, she got lots of money from great grandmas and aunts and uncles, lucky girl.

 Make a wish!
She chose sour cream fudge cake and brownie fudge ice cream. We had her birthday dinner the next night since we were still full from sushi. She chose beef stroganoff, strawberries, rolls, carrots, and broccoli.  Oh! And I forgot to mention that she celebrated her birthday at school on Friday and brought mini white cupcakes for everyone.

 Grandma and Grandpa Collette

 Great Grandma Marge

 Great Grandma Darlene

Papa Bry and Grandma Claudia

And us!

Laylah at 12:

This little missy has grown up so much this year. I know I am her mom and therefore have a very distinct bias, but I don't care. She is simply the best.

Laylah has really started babysitting this year. She earns so much money, it's crazy! She loves kids and loves babies. She is a great little helper at home and often cleans up the kitchen for me, or sweeps the floor, or picks up clutter that is lying around. She is very responsible (most of the time) about doing her homework and any school projects. She hardly ever needs help and I love that she is so independent and that I don't have to worry about her. She tested into the honors math and honors English classes at the junior high, and she actually has homework over the summer because of it. She has already been pestering me to get it started because I have to take her to the library to get a specific book.

Laylah loves to cook and she loves to eat. I can give her a recipe and she will make whatever it is. She has mastered the Jerman chocolate chip cookie recipe and she is a whiz with made-from-scratch pancakes. She also makes dinner on occasion such as spaghetti, tacos, or anything else that doesn't require too much. I love that she is so helpful in the kitchen! And the girl will eat anything. I love that she has such a diverse palette. It's so nice to not have a picky eater.

Laylah absolutely adores her friends. She reminds me SO much of me. She wants to be with them all of the time. They like to make silly movies with their ipods, or go skating or on bike rides. They have been swimming a lot this summer. They also love being dropped off at the mall and checking out cute boys. It is so crazy to me how grown up she is getting. She absolutely loves being in Young Women's. I am thankful that she has a testimony of the gospel and a testimony of modesty. She is such a great example to me.

Laylah's favorite thing to do right now is dance. I mentioned earlier that she is in the highest company at her dance studio this fall and I am excited to see her learn and grow. She also still plays the piano and loves to sing. She doesn't love the piano. My kids and I have an agreement that if they want to do their extracurricular activities, they will also play the piano and take lessons. We took the summer off, but I still have them practice a little bit each day. She is not a fan, but she does it without complaint (mostly ;)

Laylah is (mostly) a very good sister. She has a bit of a temper and likes to pretend she is the parent with her siblings sometimes, but overall she has a good relationship with all of them and they all love her. She is such a good daughter. I absolutely love her at this age. She is just getting into things that I really like, and we love shopping together. She will give me pedicures and massages. She is very sweet and thoughtful. She is such a good girl, and I adore her completely. I am a very lucky mama to have her.

Happy Birthday,  Laylah girl!

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