Thursday, July 2, 2015

Laylah's Dance Recital

 Laylah worked so incredibly hard all year at dance. And that magical time finally came.... recital day! Every dancer looks forward to this day all year long. And Laylah's studio especially because they are a non-competitive studio, so this is their one night to absolutely shine.

I got her a couple bouquets of beautiful flowers. Sunflowers are the happiest flowers.

We got her all ready-- hair, makeup, and first costume. She has two costumes (one for ballet and one for jazz) and she gets to do 2 numbers in each one.
 All ready to go!

I love Laylah's dance studio. It is a one-woman-show who has an in home studio in her basement. She must be the most organized person on the planet because she has over 100 students. Each of her classes gets to perform 2 dances (and Laylah is in 2 classes=4 dances to perform). She really focuses on technique which is why she doesn't have her studio compete. She does a great job and her recital is so much fun. 

Laylah was in the Arabesque Company this year, which is the second to the highest company. She made the highest company for next year, Fouette Company. She gets to start en pointe this fall and is so excited. I am so excited for her! It is a big deal.

Anyway, she performed her first two numbers (jazz routines) and I didn't get any photos during the actual dance because Magnus was on my phone and it was more important to keep him quiet so I could watch. Plus, the whole things professionally videoed and we have that dvd. I never, ever get tired of watching my girl dance. She is so fun to watch!

Her last two numbers were ballet and she did amazing in those dances as well. She's just off center to the left in the front row in the two photos below.
 This is the whole dance studio during the finale.

Laylah and Miss Victoria

Grandparents (and Aunt Kaylie!) came to support!

 These three girls (below) all live right by each other and we carpooled all year. Actually, the other two girls moms carpooled all year. They were sweet enough to not make me drive with everything that happened with Magnus last year. These three girls are such good friends.

SO proud of our girl. I especially love watching Andy watch his daughter. He is a total sports guy and definitely does not love the arts. But he loves watching Laylah and always asks me about her technique and how well I think she's doing. It's so cute.

We went with a couple of families afterwards to get ice cream at Leatherby's. 

It was a lovely night! Congratulations, Laylah!

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Ryan and Erin said...

I can't believe how busy your schedule is. Crazy! I must say that I laughed out loud while reading about the funeral for Rosie. I don't mean to be insensitive, but of course you had to do one more thing on top of all the busy schedules. Your kids will remember their amazing parents and how they buried her in the back yard. You guys are awesome.