Thursday, July 16, 2015

Run to End Brain Cancer

First of all, for some crazy reason, these photos uploaded to the post backwards. So, the start of the morning ones are at the end and the end of the race is at the beginning of the post. Whatever! I give up.

Anyway, Becca was coming into town to visit and she had asked me if I wanted to get together and do a 5K or something while she was here. We used to run together before we both moved away from Utah years ago, so of course I said yes! I told her to find one for us to do and let me know. Well, this dear friend of mine found the Brain Tumor Walk/Run 5K. All of the proceeds go towards brain tumor research to find a cure. I got really teary when she sent me the link and accompanying text that said, "How about this race?" I am still so touched at the support of family and friends. It means the world to me.

When I went to register, there was an option to create a team. Of course I created Team Mighty Magnus and I decided not only would I do the race but our whole family would participate. I also raised additional funds from family (thanks for your support, family!) and my parents signed up to do the race as well. Becca got her dad to run with us, too.

The race was on Memorial Day. We were up bright and early. It was a rainy and chilly Monday, but we didn't care! We were going to go support brain cancer awareness!

We arrived and got checked in and Magnus received a special "brain cancer survivor" sticker. It was so great to see Becca, it had almost been a year!. I just adore that friend of mine.

The race started and we ran together and of course, gabbed the whole time. It was fun to catch-up. We finished the race and afterwards there were awards and giveaways and lots of treats. We stuck around for it, and I was so glad we did. We met a little girl who was a 3 year survivor of grade III ependymoma. I was just shocked because it is such a rare brain cancer. She was the cutest little gal, and she is 11 years old. Her mom and I hugged and talked like only cancer mama's can. It's like this immediate bond that brings you together and you can immediately chat about doctors (they had the same neurosurgeon), treatment plans, scans, etc. It's pretty crazy.
The two little ependymoma survivors 
(She is on her knees in this photo, she's not really this short ;)

We all finished the race! Magnus rode in a stroller though, haha

Best friends!
My wonderful mama and daddy

Mrs. Utah was there to support. Her father-in-law passed away from brain cancer a few years ago, sadly.

I didn't get a photo of Jonah passing the finish line because he CREAMED all of us! He is a fast runner.

It was a very good experience and I am going to start earlier next year to get my team Mighty Magnus going and to help raise funds for research to FIND A CURE! I want this race to be as big as the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure for breast cancer, because even though brain cancer may not affect as many people as breast cancer, it is not any less important. 

I am so thankful for my dear Becca for finding this race! It was a fun morning (especially the delicious breakfast afterwards that my dad treated our family to.... thanks dad!) and a great start to the holiday.

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Lisa said...

You need to let me know about these brain cancer events! I would love to participate and let me family know too. Especially the running ones. I feel out of the loop up here in the mountains. Yes, I have a computer and a google search engine, so I suppose I need to get on it - you are good at getting it done. We definitely need to get more Brain Cancer funds out there!