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June Recap

 June was just about as crazy as May, however there was NO SCHOOL! So we didn't care. It was such a fun month with a ton going on, as usual. Here's a little (or huge) recap!

 woo hoo!

 End of year teacher gifts. I got those cute IKEA bottle and filled them with pink lemonade. I attached a note that said, "I am tickled pink that I was in your class this year!"

Andy and I went to the End of Year Awards assembly. They played a super cute slideshow. I adore our elementary school. It is small and cute and quaint. 

I spy two cute kiddos

 Daphne received the Reader of the Year award!

 Laylah and Jonah each earned an award as well. I don't remember what though.

 After school we had our traditional treat lunch with donuts, lemon jello cake, homemade oreo cookies, chocolate milk, and strawberries

 Signs of Summer

 Before Becca left to go back home to Virginia we met up and took our kids swimming. I love this friend of mine!

 I met up with a couple of ladies that I became good friends with at my salon. Neither of them work there anymore, but we have stayed good friends and get together every few months for lunch.

Magnus had to get ANOTHER set of stitches. That makes it an even 10. Holy Moly. I don't even know how he did it. He was jumping on the tramp and came in with a bloody foot and screaming his head off. My brother Doug stitched him up and thought that maybe he hyper extended his toe and the skin just ripped. At first he thought he may have ripped a very small tendon and would need surgery. Thank goodness that wasn't the case. Yuck.
 After 4 shots in his toe, a good cleaning, and 8 stitches, we were good to go. And I had to cancel his swimming lessons because of those darn things. Ugh.

I mentioned in an earlier post that the fun group, Hope Kids, that we belong to, closed it's Utah Chapter at the end of June. Luckily we were able to attend a few more very fun activities. One of them was twilight at the zoo. It was closed to the general public, so it wasn't crowded at all. It was so much fun.

Chik-Fil-A catered dinner

 And they had a group there called Miracle Hero's (or something like that) that provides characters for activities. We got some photos with a few.

We were able to feed the rhinos!
 Rhino's are Magnus' FAVORITE animal and he was so excited to pet them.

 It was such a fun night!

The next morning was our last Hope kids activity before they closed down. It was to the movie Tomorrowland. It was kind of weird, but cool.

 We will really miss Hope kids and all of the fun things we were able to do together as a family because of them. They are a great organization.

That day was also Sadie's 7th birthday. She is getting to be an ornery old lady. She doesn't really like anyone except our family. She is a stinker and I can hardly believe we have had her for 7 years. But, I love her. She is a good dog.

 Later that same day these came in the mail:
 Disposable cameras! My kids didn't really know what to think. I had to teach them to use them. They didn't even know what they were, haha. The reason I had ordered them was for Camp Hobe. It is a cancer camp that my kids were invited to. It is for cancer kids and their siblings. My older 4 were able to go to the week long sleepaway camp. Magnus did the day camp.

We all left early the Monday after school got out. We had spent all night on Sunday getting packed and ready to go. Upon arriving, I was amazed at the efficient nature of the camp, as well as the set-up. It is such a cute place. It is run totally on volunteers. Volunteer medical professional, counselors, lifeguards, etc. It is such a great place, a place for kids to be kids and get away from the crazy time they've had dealing with cancer. I was so grateful for the opportunity my kids had to go. 

This year's theme was Hobewood.

The kids were split into groups by gender and age and after we got them all checked in, we took their stuff to their cabins and said goodbye. I was so excited/scared for them. As we left, they were playing some getting to know you games.
 Bye kiddos!

 While they were gone I got a lot of stuff around the house done. That is, while we weren't going on motorcycle rides in the cool summer evenings ;)

Magnus and I got some awesome one-on-one time. We had a sushi dinner date.

And he helped me do some chores.

And he practiced riding his bike.

After the week was over, we headed out to pick up the kids from camp. Magnus was really excited! Haha.

The parents were invited to the closing campfire and all of the kids did a little program for us. It was so cute. I was so excited to see my kids. I took a few photos of them with their awesome counselors that they all adored.
 The kids literally didn't stop talking about camp for the rest of the day (and the next week). We finally had to tell them to take turns talking. They went into every detail about the activities, the pranks, the food, the parties, the swimming, the activities... everything. It made my heart soooo happy! They had so much fun and can't wait until next year. I love, love, love organizations like this! We have benefited from so many different organizations and are so grateful for them. They make life happy and give us something to look forward to, especially when these kids have been put through the ringer in the last year.

 It's official. Baron has gigantic feet and is growing out of his shoes. They are only a size smaller than mine! And he is 7. Holy moly.

 I was able to take Magnus to the day camp at Camp Hobe. He loved it as well and still sings songs that he learned there. He will get to stay overnight when he is 6.
 The day of fun wore him right out!

 I found Magnus on the couch like this one day. His head was completely tucked into the cushion. He looks headless.

 There was a ton of construction going on in our neighborhood as 60 year old sidewalks were replaced. What is it with boys and construction machinery? They loved watching.

I was tired of the red hair and got rid of it. I decided to try a more natural caramel color. I like it... so far ;)

 We had a big Father's Day/Birthday celebration for my dad on my side of the family. We all went up the canyon and had dinner, cake, and played a fun game about my dad. I love my dad so much. He is the greatest. It was such a fun night with my family. Here are my parents with all 16 of their grandkids (there's one more on the way.)

 Just another one of my new hair. I was having a good hair day, haha.

 My dad took my family boating one day for a few hours, It was a lot of fun, as usual. I LOVE boating. I want a boat more than anything. Some day.

I have to add this because it was cool and I was a proud mom, but I have no photo. Jonah was a guest player for a soccer tournament on a team of boys he has never played with. The teams they played were really good and a big challenge. Of the three goals scored the entire tournament, Jonah scored two of them! I was so proud. He is getting to be quite the soccer player.

One night Rachel invited me and my kids that weren't off with friends to a food truck roundup at a farm in South Jordan. They had lots of yummy food and it was a fun (hot) night.

 Look at these kids savoring their waffle love.

 Fed some animals, for cute.
 And played in the corn pit. It was a fun night.

 At the very end of June Laylah left to go to Girl's Camp! They went to a very cushy camp called Reid Ranch. I was so jealous that I wasn't in Young Women's any more and didn't get to go. But she had SUCH a blast. We have the greatest young women in our ward and I love them all like my own daughters.

And THAT was our crazy June. Phew! Oh, minus a few things that I will be doing a separate post on, such as Father's Day and my anniversary and Ragnar, which I did with some friends. So, June isn't done yet!

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