Thursday, July 9, 2015

Laylah's 12th Birthday Party!

My Laylah girl turned 12 in May and we had ourselves a party! A couple years ago I told Laylah about my 12th birthday party which was at a hotel. I have always been of the mindset Go Big or Go Home, even when I was younger. I got this idea in my head to have a party at a hotel and my mom gave in to my crazy idea. It was on of my most favorite birthdays ever. 

Naturally, Laylah loved the idea, so we planned her party at the Hyatt House in Sandy. I found a great deal there (it was a fabulous hotel!) and the day of the party Andy and I went and checked in early and decorated the room, as well as stocked it with treats and snacks.

 Such a good helper :)

The girls met at our house on Friday afternoon and we started out at the mall shopping. One of Laylah's friends had to meet us a little later, so we only had 5 girls to start out.
 Claire's is always good for some entertainment.
 Birthday queens! (from L to R is Ella, Sadie, Laylah, Katie, and Ava)

 And then Liberty was able to join us on the far left

 After we had shopped for a few hours we stopped to grab some pizzas and Laylah's birthday "cake" of choice, buttercream maple bars (to DIE for!) from Harmon's, and then we headed to the hotel and up to our room.
 After opening some fun gifts and eating pizza, the girls wanted to swim. Luckily the pool was heated and so warm, because it was a rainy and chilly night.

 The girls spent half the night making up some synchronized swimming routines. Oh my, I have not laughed so hard in a long time. 12 year old girls are so much fun.

 After some time in the hot tub they were back at it.

And finally when the pool closed we headed back up to our room after a last dip in the hot tub.

The girls all squeezed into the shower and wrote their crushes names on the steamy  glass.

 After showers we sang Happy Birthday and stuffed our faces with delicious donuts...

 ...And then stuffed our faces with treats and soda and watched a movie. I had to take Liberty home and when I came back the movie was forgotten and this was happening:

 And then this, too.

 Everyone finally settled down and they chatted until some early hour of the morning. I wouldn't know because I hit the sack around midnight.

 In the morning I had to wake them before breakfast ended and we headed down to eat. We packed up and I took them all home. And then I went home and took a nap! 

Whew! It was such a fun, fun party and Laylah absolutely loved it, which is the most important part! 

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